$85 million Development to Revitalize Oak Park

A striking $85-million hotel and condo tower is set to break ground in Oak Park’s downtown area in the near future. Despite the notable distance from downtown Chicago, this new development holds considerable promise.
In addition to revitalizing the Oak Park community, the developers aim to bring in residents of other communities, in the hope that they’ll be drawn to the urban feel of the high-rise. By the same token, the hotel aspect of the building will hopefully entice out-of-town guests from surrounding suburbs to favor the location over the competition.
Another exciting aspect of the development is its lower-level design, which includes two floors of TBD retail. Presumably, the complex would include family-style and upscale restaurants, as well as specialty shops and convenience store-type locales. These venues would attract both temporary and long-term residents looking for an “all in one”-style location.
The 19-story complex is scheduled to develop 140 hotel rooms and nearly 100 condo units. This availability will hopefully draw-in individuals looking for a Chicago condo with a fresh feel. Oak Park is conveniently located near downtown Chicago, but it also provides the security and comfort of a traditional suburb.
In addition to its bounty of available and impeccably designed hotel and condo units, the development will also feature a 496-car garage, leaving plenty of space for individuals traveling by automobile or residents with multiple vehicles themselves. This accessibility will surely spark a buzz among prospective buyers, especially those looking to pay a fee far more reasonable than those of most downtown residences.
The complex, which is sure to be both elegant and practical, is set to begin construction in the near future. While exact dates have yet to be confirmed, developers and Oak Park officials are hard at work to ensure a smooth building process. For more information on finding an amazing Chicago condo in or around downtown, contact Chicago real estate agent Sheldon Salnick at (312) 498-5080 or ssalnick@dreamtown.com.