A Chicago Lifestyle: Where the Rich Don't Have to be Poor

I came across this recent column in the Wall Street Journal that discussed the frantic, often excessive lifestyle that occurs in Manhattan: rents that cost more than many mortgages and offer half the space, to bumper-to-bumper traffic just out your front window, to sidewalk carts that require a trip to the ATM to pay for a snack. Even if you’re not living the life of luxury, you’re probably paying for it.

That’s just another reason why Chicago offers so much more than New York and other big cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. It’s simply an easier way of life. Chicago real estate costs a fraction of what it would in other urban areas. The cost of an average NYC apartment or condo will get you a Chicago home with square footage and building amenities in the city’s most coveted neighborhoods. You can find a Chicago home that puts you in on a quiet, tree-lined street, but also just a skip away from a bustling downtown. Or if you want a Chicago home or Chicago condo right in the middle of downtown, you don’t have to be rich to have it. It is everything New York has to offer, on a smaller, more accessible scale.
Not to mention that Chicago isn’t as frantic. Parts of the city offer the go-go-go energy of Manhattan, but many parts offer a chance to take a deep breath and take in the city around you. It is a beautiful city, there is much to do, and it’s clean (I’ve always been grateful for Chicago alleyways to house Dumpsters instead of seeing garbage on the streets!)
I know New Yorkers are as loyal to their city as I am to Chicago, but I truly stand by Chicago as the top choice for city living. Chicago real estate presents so much more in terms of space, value and luxury. You can be in the heart of it all and be wined and dined without the obscene cost. Plus, Chicago new construction continues to top itself with new buildings that offer premier locations, top-rated staffs and amenities, renowned architecture and more for a cost that still lets you live a comfortable lifestyle.
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