A Luxury Chicago Home Requires An Understated Lux Master Bath

When I work with a client on a new construction project, there are often a few rooms that require a number of important decisions when they’re being planned. Things like designing a kitchen for entertaining, an office that can convert into a playroom or other ways to build the property so that it works for the homeowner, but retains a strong resale value down the line.
Lately, many of those questions are stemming from a new place in the home or condo: the bath. I’ve worked on a number of new construction developments in the city, in addition to clients building their own homes, and this is a constant topic when deciding what works best in Chicago real estate. The Wall St. Journal recently covered the topic as well, as bathrooms are competing with the kitchen for buyers remodeling and investment dollars.
It’s no surprise that this seemingly simple room is getting a lot of attention. A luxurious master bath can be the crown jewel of a home, adding value to the house in the long run.
Building Bathrooms in Chicago New Construction
In a luxury Chicago home, the bathroom is one of the places that luxury status has a chance to shine. But while upgrades and elegant details can make or break a room, the bathrooms should also be designed to not be over the top. There’s a fine line to walk between building a space that fits your own wants and needs, but doesn’t take away from what a buyer might be looking for when it comes time to sell your home.
I have worked on a number of new construction projects in the city, and have seen both sides of this play out. Here are my top 5 recommendations when it comes to designing a bathroom in your Chicago home:
Don’t go over the top: Luxury doesn’t mean gaudy. Gold water faucets or unusual dark colors most likely won’t appeal to other buyers the way it might appeal to you. If you’re going for a unique look, start by using just one color or type of stone as a backdrop, then use a matching color as an accent. Remember, always keep it simple.
Cutting-edge technology: If you’re looking to go modern, bathroom technology is a great way to do it. Digital showers, touchless faucets and high-tech toilets all move bathrooms into the digital age and can take function and utility to the next level
Don’t forego the bathtub all together: I mentioned in my last post that many homeowners and buyers are ditching the tub in the master bath. Even if you’re not a frequent bathtub user, it’s still advised to include one in one of the smaller baths. Ideally, this would be near some of the smaller bedrooms as a child-friendly design–if not for your own children, to retain resale value when you sell the home.
Avoid going too modern: Many modern bath designs are totally open to or even a part of the master bedroom. I’ve seen this in a number of homes, and it often poses an issue for resale value since the majority of homebuyers are likely looking for a bath that is more private.
See double (sinks): His-and-her sinks are still a desirable attribute of the master bath, so it’s still a good thing to include. Many bathrooms are being redesigned to have the bathroom divided completely into his and her sides, each with their own sink, toilet and closet.
I’ve worked with clients on a number of new construction projects, consulting from a real estate perspective to helping them work with the architect to execute their vision. If you’d like to discuss a new construction project for your home or if you’re looking to build a brand-new Chicago property, give me a call  at (312) 498-5080 or email me at ssalnick@dreamtown.com.