Because You Love It: Reasons To Choose Chicago Real Estate

In the current economic climate and real estate market, it is difficult to focus on anything but affordability and the bottom line – but it is essential not to forget the real reason to purchase a Chicago condo or any piece of real estate – because you enjoy it. As a Chicago real estate agent, I’ve never forgotten that one of the major reasons that people choose a particular property is because they fall in love with it.
Chicago is home to a wide variety of homes, from sleek and contemporary new construction to elegant vintage buildings imbued with a sense of history and classic good taste. Accordingly, I recommend that prospective Chicago homeowners visit multiple properties of various types before choosing which one to purchase, particularly if they are relocating to Chicago and are therefore unfamiliar with the different neighborhoods and their unique characteristics. Furthermore, since the city is home to so many unique residences, I believe it is important that my clients experience all that Chicago has to offer in regard to real estate options and opportunities.
A few examples of unique Chicago real estate include vintage properties like 199 East Lakeshore Drive, 1200 Lakeshore Drive, and 1550 State Street that were all designed by Benjamin Marshall (a prominent Chicago architect who worked during the first part of the century, he was known for his ability to distill the spaciousness and elegance of the era’s mansions into high-rise apartment buildings). More modern options include graceful buildings designed by Mies van der Rohe, such as 860 and 880 Lakeshore Drive, as well as the new Lakeshore East community which includes rising stars like 340 on the Park and the Aqua building (designed by Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang).
Of course, an architecturally stunning building is just the beginning when it comes to selecting your new Chicago home – it is really what is inside that counts, and that is where Chicago real estate really shines. From newly constructed Chicago condos with customized high end finishes (one caveat – it is essential to work with a real estate agent like myself with new construction experience to ensure that you are satisfied with the property when it is delivered) to residences with unique details that reflect your individual taste, there is no reason to purchase a home unless it is perfect for you and your needs. And due to the sheer range of options available there is something for everyone – and especially in these times, it is crucial to work with an experienced realtor to find a property that you absolutely love.