Buy Chicago Real Estate in Neighborhoods With Staying Power

When hunting for a Chicago home, you’ll find a lot of properties marketed as being in up-and-coming neighborhoods: new condos, shopping developments, aldermen looking to put extra funds to revitalize different areas.
But it’s tough to take a gamble hope that a Chicago neighborhood going through changes will turn into a place you want to own real estate. Looking at an area with proven staying power—such as the Gold Coast, Lincoln Park or Lakeview—will ensure that you’re buying a Chicago home that will meet your needs—whether you’re looking for the perfect place to live, the just-right investment, or the ideal big-city getaway.
Gold Coast
The Gold Coast is a dream for Chicago real estate, and is especially an indulgence for architecture buffs. You’ll find canopied streets lined with upscale brownstone homes, many of which boast classic moldings, high ceilings and unique sized lots. Because it’s a well-established area, buying a Chicago home in Gold Coast means you can get to know your neighbors without the potential of losing them to the next high-rise condo building. Chicago homes for sale in the Gold Coast share the neighborhood with upscale restaurants, shopping at Hermes and Louis Vuitton, the famed 19th-century homes on Astor Street and the chic Elysian hotel/condo high-rise. If your real estate budget is about $2 million and above, the Gold Coast is the perfect place to begin searching for your Chicago home.
Lincoln Park
Woven with several key streets lined with gorgeous homes ranging from $5 million to more than $100 million, Lincoln Park has never slowed down as one of Chicago’s best neighborhoods. Hyatt chair and Obama comrade Penny Pritzker built a Lincoln Park home that later went for about $40 million. And while Lincoln Park has endurance for being a supreme place to live, that doesn’t mean there’s no buzz about what it’s bringing to the Chicago real estate table. Lincoln Park 2520 is merely in the ground-breaking phase, but it’s already breaking more figurative ground as a leading building in Lincoln Park than the region has seen in awhile. With access to its own park, spectacular views of Lake Michigan and endless lavish amenities, Lincoln Park 2520 will add long-term prosperity to an already desirable neighborhood.
Even as it’s often more affordable than the Gold Coast or Lincoln Park, Lakeview doesn’t skimp on opulent comfort. The dense neighborhood provides easy access to nightlife, shopping, restaurants, parks and anywhere else your feet can take you. Lakeview’s diversity means you can embrace the eclectic mix of food and entertainment that helps define Lakeview for many of its residents. Chicago homes in Lakeview tend to be on wider lots, so your real estate dollar could go a bit further when it comes to more space. If you’re looking for a tighter knit community, Lakeview is also home to many communities such as Wrigleyville, North Halsted and Lakeview East. Because Lakeview is an affordable but classic neighborhood for many, real estate buyers are turning here to stretch their investments further in an area that just seems to get better and better.
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