Cameras Crack Down on Speed in Chicago Neighborhoods

The City of Chicago has taken steps to improve the safety of parks and schools in different neighborhoods across town, cracking down on too-fast drivers by installing speed cameras at 50 different locations.
The initiative is part of part of the city’s Children Safety Zone Program designed to reduce speeding and improve safety in various areas, particularly those near parks or schools. Revenue from the program is set to be invested in additional safety measures, including afterschool programs, crossing guards and infrastructure improvements.
Most of the zones enforce a 30 mph speed limit with a $35+ ticket for going just 6 mph over that. The program already generated 2,700 tickets in its first month of monitoring just 4 of the locations. The rest of the cameras are in a “warning phase” for the first month that they’re up. After that, drivers get one more warning, then a ticket.
The initial project has just 50 cameras located throughout the city, but under state law, up to 300 can eventually be used for monitoring and enforcing speeding violations. Since Chicago is a huge city, the cameras now are pretty spread out—Lincoln Park has just one near Schafer Park, the North Side has just two and Lakeview currently has none.
Here’s a look at where the cameras are around Chicago:

View Chicago Speed Cameras Map in a larger map
Many of my clients with children are looking for homes in areas just like this–near a good school or within walking distance of a park to take their children to. Since the city says the program seems to be working so far, I’d say this is a good step to improve the safety of these areas and the neighborhoods they’re in.
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