Chicago Buildings Architects & Designers Enjoy

When I am working with an architect or a person who is into design, particularly minimalism, I immediately have them consider the following buildings:
860 & 880 Lake Shore Drive – Mies van der Rohe – Co-op

900 & 910 Lake Shore Drive – .Mies van der Rohe – Condo

2400 Lake View – .Mies van der Rohe – Condo

330 & 340 Diversey Pkwy – .Mies van der Rohe – Condo

Delaware Street – Hancock Building – Condo

505 Lake Shore Drive – .Lake Point Towers – Condo

600 Fairbanks – Helmut Jahn Bldg – Condo

30 East Oak – Smithfield Project – Condo

The 860-880 Lake Shore Drive buildings are considered to be Mies van der Rohe’s most influential designs of the 20th century. The towers are identical and are both 26 stories high. Heating in these buildings are radiant and the coils are in the ceiling and floors which is then supplemented by heating within the window frame. It is hard to believe the buildings were built during 1948-51.

900-910 Lake Shore Drive, originally known as the Esplanade Apartments, was built between 1953-56. They were constructed with reinforced concrete on the lower levels, and steel columns on the upper stories. The buildings have an aluminium and glass skin.

2400 Lakeview, also known as the Lakeview Apartments, was built between 1960-63. It is unique because the lobby and foyer are much larger than Mies van der Rohe’s other residential buildings. The building also has an entrance canopy that spans almost two bays. Note, by the time this building was designed, Mies had already completed some of his most famous buildings such as the Seagram Building in New York and the Federal Center in Chicago.

330-340 Diversey Parkway, also known as Commonwealth Plaza, was built between 1953-56. Originally there were four buildings slated to be built on the site, however, the developer of the project died in a plane crash, therefore, only two buildings on the southern most part of the land were constructed.  Note, all of the Mies buildings were constructed so that there are no supporting walls, allowing new condominium owners to construct large and exciting apartments. Many of these apartments now have island kitchens similar to new construction homes. Even though the ceilings in these buildings are 8 feet tall and older, they still feel larger because of the glass windows from ceiling to floor.

175 East Delaware, also known as the Hancock building is definitely an iconic building. Its black cross bars and different ceiling height floors certainly provide an architectural statement. The higher floors have ceiling heights in excess of 8 feet. The building has its own market and also has commercial office space.

505 Lake Shore Drive, known as Lake Point Tower is another iconic building as it was designed by John Heinrish and George Schipporeit and completed in 1968. It is interesting to note that these two architects were students of Mies van der Rohe. The building is a over 600 feet tall and has a park with two and a half acres. The building was the first electric high rise residential building constructed in the world.

600 North Fairbanks, designed by the famous architect, Helmut Jahn was just recently completed in 2008 and condo owners are currently moving into the building. Condo have 10 foot, rough, exposed concrete ceilings. The building is the newest of all the ones architects and designers typically will enjoy. Jahn’s building also has 10 foot windows and the finishes are cutting edge, with Wolf, Sub-Zero, Miele appliances and the standard Snaidero kitchen cabinets are among the options owners can choose.

30 West Oak was designed by Booth Hansen architects and has concrete unfinished 11 foot ceilings which give the units a very handsome, architectural feel. Finishes in the units are cutting edge with Poggenpohl kitchens and bathrooms, Sub-Zero refrigerators, Miele or Thurmador ovens plus eight-foot solid core doors. If you are into Mies, I believe you will really enjoy this building and there are no more than two apartments to a floor. And if you are looking for large square footage, namely over 4000 square feet, it could be available here.

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