Chicago Condos For Sale Give Buyers Access To The World-Class Chicago Symphony Orchestra

One of the many benefits of buying Chicago real estate is buying into Chicago’s luxury lifestyle—including it’s world-class entertainment options. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO) is a wonderful example. People all over the world beg for the opportunity to experience the divine melodies of this world-class institution, one of the top orchestras in the U.S.

Flickr Creative Commons/jordanfischer

Flickr Creative Commons/jordanfischer

Need proof? Look no further than the success of the CSO’s recent tour of Asia, which was summed up in the New York Times article “Chicago to China: A Giddy Musical Exchange” last month.
You know you’re a top orchestra when you travel with two planes—”one carrying 118 musicians and 62 staff members and patrons; the other 20 tons of cargo,” the article read. Like those who live in Chicago condos, the CSO travels in style. The CSO is such a big deal, it even has it’s own in-house record label, and during the opening news conference for the tour, the musicians learned that two of the label’s records had each won a Grammy, according to the article. The 10-concert tour had its grand finale in the National Center for the Performing Arts off Tiananmen Square in Beijing, the article read.
If that makes you want to hear the symphony on a regular basis, here are the addresses for Chicago homes for sale that are walking distance to the CSO:

  • 130 North Garland
  • 60 East Monroe
  • 8 East Randolph
  • 360 East Randolph
  • 340 East Randolph
  • 6 North Michigan
  • 65 East Monroe
  • 5 North Wabash Street
  • 208 West Washington

Living in Chicago luxury homes means being just steps away from enjoying music from a world-class orchestra. That should be music to every buyer’s ears.