Chicago Dog-Friendly Condo Buildings with Detailed Requirements for More Than 100 Properties

A complete list of dog-friendly condo buildings in the best Chicago neighborhoods on

chicago dog-friendly buildings

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Whether you own a teacup Yorkie or a St. Bernard, every Chicago condo building is different in the types of dogs they’ll accommodate and allow to live in each unit. While the MLS listings on allows you to search thousands of available Chicago homes, but most listings only offer bare-boned information as to whether your pooch is welcome in a Chicago condo you’re interested in.
I’ve created the definitive source of information to break down the nitty gritty of a condo building’s special requirements concerning your pet. The MLS may say dogs are OK, but all dogs aren’t created equal when it comes to condo buildings. Can your pet have a four-legged friend of her own, or does she have to come solo? Does he meet special weight requirements? Are there any annual or registration fees
The last thing a dog-lover wants is to fall in love with a Chicago home, only to find that Fido isn’t allowed. Getting these details up front is essential – and a complete list of more than 100 buildings is now available at Learn what buildings in the best Chicago neighborhoods are pet-friendly, as well as limitations concerning weight and the number of pets and any imposed fees.
Check out the list, and if you can’t find the building you’re considering a purchase in, give me a call at 312- 264-5853 or email me at I’ll find out the particulars so you and your pup can happily find a Chicago condo to call home.