Relocate To Chicago: The Local Economy Is Still Thriving

While there are many plus sides to relocating to Chicago, one of the most important reasons to make the move is the thriving local economy and the corresponding employment opportunities.  The fact the Chicago real estate market is not suffering as much as other areas of the country is certainly a positive factor as well.
According to the most recent World Business Chicago newsletter, a variety of local, national, and international companies invested in Chicago during 2008 and will continue to expand their presence in the coming years.  For instance, MillerCoors (the joint venture between SABMiller and Molson Coors), selected the Second City as the ideal location for their national headquarters; the world’s largest environmental services agency, Veolia environment, has chosen Chicago for their North American headquarters.  These developments not only result in more jobs, they increase the overall prestige of the city, making it more attractive to large corporations and small businesses alike.  Visit World Business Chicago for more information on the twenty-five plus local companies that have expanded this year.
Furthermore, you may already be aware that Chicago was selected as Fast Company magazine’s city of the year -thanks in no small part to being in the global spotlight as Barack Obama’s hometown, something that will certainly continue throughout his presidency.  Naturally, the city’s vibrant culture and relatively flourishing economy played a role as well, making relocation to Chicago a fantastic lifestyle upgrade as well as a solid financial decision.
Of course, the real estate market is a key part of the growing Chicago economy, making Chicago condos and homes more likely to maintain and eventually increase in value – Chicago real estate is certainly a safer investment than in many other areas of the country.