Chicago Gold Coast Boutique Hotel Is In Jeopardy

Alderman Brendan Reilly of the 42nd ward has indicated he has concerns about the proposed boutique hotel project scheduled for the Esquire Theatre site at 58-70 East Oak Street. The Oak Street location is considered a world-renowned retail destination.  Reilly is concerned on how a new hotel would impact the street, which has low-rise boutique type retail shops. He feels that there would be a real problem for the area’s infrastructure.
Alderman Reilly cites that basic urban planning principles are violated in the boutique hotel proposal. The height and bulk of the proposed building in the middle of the block, and its immediate low-rise building neighbors to the right and left of the building, is in direct conflict with standard planning principles and the implementation of these principles.
Beside the visual impact to the street, the Alderman indicates the hotel project is visually incompatible with the street. In addition to all these concerns, parking is a major issue. M Development does not seek to build any parking for this hotel. The developer indicates there is no need for parking as guests would be arriving by car and the hotel would utilize a valet service.
The alderman has informed M Development that he is not willing to support the project as is, but is willing to consider alternative solutions for the Esquire Theater on Oak Street