Chicago Lofts: Real Urban Living

Every year, the idea of owning a hip, airy loft becomes more and more popular, especially in the Chicago real estate market. The appeal stems from the high ceilings, the urban style and exposed brick and pipes that most lofts possess, or simply the feeling of spaciousness and freedom that comes from opening up your living space.
To find the perfect loft, you should start with an understanding of how the loft became a symbol of hip, creative urban living. Prior to being a trendy real estate item, lofts were originally utilized as industrial warehouses or factories. They didn’t gain residential status until the 1960s, when artists began living and working in them because they made perfect studios (and because they were usually inexpensive). Living in a loft became a sign of having a creative and even nonconformist lifestyle. Since then, the loft has continued to grow in popularity every year.
At the moment, there are plenty of amazing lofts on the Chicago real estate market, especially in up and coming neighborhoods like the West Loop, Bucktown, and the South Loop. The open floor plans lend a feeling of openness uncommon in residential spaces, since many lofts are converted warehouses or factories. For art aficionados, the ceiling height and extensive wall space make lofts ideal for displaying prized collections. However, before you begin your search for the perfect loft, it is important to note that lofts come in different forms.
“True lofts” include the typical high ceilings and the brick and ductwork are left completely exposed. On the other hand, a “soft loft”, although similar to a true loft, incorporates sectioning from drywall placements to provide a similar feeling to a more traditional Chicago condo or home. Most lofts also have larger than normal windows, which can surpass ten feet in height and extend from the floor to the ceiling.
Chicago lofts can be a great alternative to regular condos with unoriginal floor plans, and there is something to be said for living in a wide open space. In fact, owning a loft in Chicago might even help you discover your creative side; after all, there has to be a reason that lofts have been the favored home of artists over the years.