Chicago Real Estate Among Top Reasons to Move to Chicago

Ask me why a person should move to Chicago, and I can give you reason after reason, each one more promising than the last. Many Chicago residents and previous clients who bought Chicago real estate agree—Chicago just has something to it.

Being able to take in the city's architecture is just one benefit from buying Chicago real estate.

Ask me why a person should move to Chicago, and I can give you reason after reason, each one more promising than the last. Many Chicago residents and previous clients I speak with after relocating to Chicago agree—Chicago just has something to it.
But what exactly is it that Chicago has to offer that makes it so unique? Chicago Magazine as well as Today’s Chicago Woman both recently listed their top reasons to love Chicago. Building on those and adding a few of my own, here are 25 things that are put at your fingertips when you buy Chicago real estate.
Chicago’s Art Scene
In addition to museums and galleries that be enjoyed by art novices and aficionados alike, Chicago is also full of public art that can be taken in on a walk to work or during a simple stroll downtown.
World-Class Dining
From five-star restaurants led by award-winning chefs, Chicago restaurants offer some of the finest cuisine in the world. Many Chicago homes for sale in areas like the Gold Coast, Lakeview and Lincoln Park put exquisite dining options right in your neighborhood.
The city is perfect for culture hopping. Take in history, art, astronomy and marine life with a trip to Museum Campus along Lake Shore Drive.
A walk down Michigan Avenue will give anyone insight into what a culturally diverse city Chicago has become, with many different languages being spoken. Various Chicago neighborhoods also pay tribute to ethnicities and regions around the globe, from the Polish Triangle to Little Italy to Chinatown.
An urban oasis like Chicago doesn’t come up short on enjoying the outdoors. Dog beaches and parks along Lake Shore Drive, neighborhood playgrounds and famed city parks give Chicago residents plenty of ways to get some fresh air year round.
It doesn’t matter if you’re learning the ABCs or getting a PhD—Chicago has some fantastic education opportunities. A Chicago home in Lincoln Park 2520 puts younger children local to the Francis W Parker School, one of Chicago’s best private schools. And many Chicago condos are near the city’s fine universities, medical and law schools.
Millennium Park
One of Chicago’s more recent landmarks that is in a class all its own, Millennium Park has opened the door to Chicago new construction buildings like The Legacy and Chicago’s New Eastside neighborhood.
Lincoln Park
Remember what I said about Chicago being an urban oasis? Lincoln Park is a bonafide outdoor space complete with ponds, zoo, restaurant and walking and biking trails. Chicago new construction Lincoln Park 2520 is scheduled to be complete next year, giving luxury buyers the ultimate opportunity to have this space right outside their front door.
Street Fests
From the end of spring to the beginning of fall, you can easily fill your weekends with nothing but Chicago street festivals, celebrating food, music and culture in many different neighborhoods.
Dogs Allowed
Fluffy and Fido have plenty to enjoy in Chicago as well, whether it’s a walk through various parks or a run on a dog beach along Lake Michigan. Many Chicago condos are in dog-friendly buildings, so you won’t need to search high and low for a property you can both call home.
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Living in downtown Chicago puts you in close proximity to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, one of America’s “big five.” The Park Monroe and other downtown Chicago real estate options make it easy to treat your ears at the drop of a hat.
Joffrey Ballet
Rooted in history having housed many prolific choreographers, the Joffrey Ballet gives performances that will leave you in awe.
Chicago Theater
The Steppenwolf Theatre Company has become the nation’s premiere theatre ensemble, with accolades that include 9 Tony Awards.
Lake Michigan
Many Chicago condos allow spectacular views of Lake Michigan, along Lake Shore Drive, of high-rise buildings on the city’s east side.
The Lyric Opera
You may enjoy the architecture as much as the performance at the Lyric Opera, one of the world’s greatest opera companies. The season runs from October to March, so you’re not short of things to do come winter.
Chicago has made a name for itself in architecture, from innovative real estate buildings like Aqua, to icons like the John Hancock tower. Chicago has many prestigious buildings known around the world for their architecture, and is also home to famed architect Lucien Lagrange.
Just about all Chicago homes for sale put you in walking distance of nightlife, whether it’s restaurants, theater, bars, or lounges.
Chicago’s Gold Coast is a known for its upscale shopping like Prada, Vera Wang, Harry Winston, Hermès and just about every posh brand you could indulge in. Michigan Avenue is a world-class destination for shopping for everything from watches to skincare to clothing.
When it comes to sports, Chicago has nothing if not passion for its teams. Chicago is one of the few cities that fans can find a Chicago home near their favorite stadium or ballpark and let the games begin.
Fortune 500 Companies
Chicago is home to 11 Fortune 500 companies, plus 21 more in the greater Chicago area. That means business opportunities, job opportunities, and power for the city.
Historical events like the Chicago Fire of 1871 show a tenacity and resolve that the city has continued to carry with them into millennial years.
With major companies choosing Chicago for their corporate offices, and local companies turning into major global players, Chicago is no doubt holding its weight in the business world.
Second City
Chicago has a long-standing relationship with comedy, having bred and fed talent to Saturday Night Live for decades, Alums like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have helped take the Chicago comedy scene well beyond the city’s borders.
Each region of Chicago is like its own universe. Some are more urban, others with a hint of suburbia; some are ideal for those who enjoy; other perfect for book lovers. Chicago neighborhoods truly offer something for everyone.
Accessible Urbanity
When compared to other major U.S. cities like New York City, San Francisco and Washington D.C., Chicago is alarmingly more affordable, especially when comparing price per square foot among luxury real estate. Other cities can’t top the all-around accessibility that Chicago has to offer.
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