Chicago Real Estate Questions – Get The Answers Here

Many clients seem to be hesitant about asking questions pertaining to real estate if they are not currently working with a realtor. Now you have the opportunity to ask me real estate questions and receive timely answers.
Want to know about specific new construction projects, like the cost per square foot? Just ask. Maybe you want to know what development has the best finishes for your budget? Or, do you want to know why one town house is preferred over another? Maybe the question relates to a certain developer’s product? Just ask. No cost for the information, so why wait? Satisfy your curiosity.
I have been selling real estate for over 18 years and I will have answers to most of your questions. If there are ones I have difficulty answering, I will personally research the answers.
I am look forward to receiving your questions. Just email them to me at Also get comprehensive information on Chicago real estate.