Chicago Real Estate Under Construction Is Already Considered An Icon

The Chicago Spire currently under construction will be honored by a 12 year old diamond company known as Hearts On Fire, which is launching a collection… of jewelry based on architecture. According to, the jeweler will feature 17 limited-edition pieces that use elements of iconic architecture from around the world.
The Chicago Spire is considered to be in the same league as the Beijing National Stadium, Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, the Chrysler Building in New York, the Hill Bridge in Boston, The Great Court of London’s British Museum, the Sydney Opera House and the National Gymnasium of Tokyo.
According to Katherine Rosenberg-Pineau, the jeweler’s head designer, the diamonds are cut so that the naked eye sees the diamond’s “performance” – sparkle, brilliance and refraction. In the pieces based on Calatrava’s Spire, there appears to be movement as the diamonds refract and reflect light.
The luxury condo building, on Lake Michigan is scheduled to be completed in early 2012. Many of the units have been bought by individuals from around the world. And each unit of this magnificent building is pretty much unique as layouts of the building are different by floor. I suggest, that if you are into spectacular, modern architecture with amazing views, that you visit the sales center to see the outstanding finishes and details that will be incorporated into the building. I would be happy to set up an appointment for you. Just call me at 312.264.5853.
The Spire will certainly put Chicago real estate on the map of world-class architecture and the jewelry from Hearts of Fire, which includes earrings that appear to spin off the ear while evoking the spirals of The Spire. They will certainly help in the branding of this Chicago condo as an iconic new building.
I am convinced that in future years the building will be not only be considered a special building, but also a dramatic piece of art. As Rosenberg-Pineau indicated, “the spiral of the Spire will come out of the earth like the world’s most magnificent drill bit.”
For additional information about the building or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me an email.