Chicago Rennaissance: Chicago Is The Place To Be

Chicagoans, get ready for your close up: Barack Obama has turned the world’s eyes towards America, and Chicago in particular. Fortunately, the Windy City has never been more ready for the attention. Chicago’s vibrant local culture, a dining scene that is second to none, and stunning architecture certainly set the city apart, and the amazing Chicago real estate opportunities make relocation seem tempting (for those of you who aren’t already lucky enough to live here.
Of course, Chicago is in the news for reasons other than the president-elect. The 2016 Olympic bid is looking more solid every day, the Trump Tower is almost finished (it will be the tallest American building since the Sears Tower was completed thirty decades ago), and the Chicago Art Institute’s new Modern Wing is set to open this spring. All in all, it is a great time to live in any one of Chicago’s neighborhoods – even the New York Times agrees.

“The complexity of Chicago, a city that is multiplying in its new diversity even as it clings to a segregated past, is rooted in the 200 neighborhoods that make up the nation’s third-largest city.”

The article also calls out the visitors who seem amazed that there is a true metropolis located between the coasts in supposed “flyover” territory – the day of Chicago playing second fiddle to New York is over.

“But that gawking, out-of-town amazement — gee, there really is a city here! — has long outlived its currency. Well before Mr. Obama was elected as the nation’s 44th president — a fact that was proudly amplified by Mayor Richard M. Daley, who ordered up banners with a sketch of the president-elect to hang throughout the city — Chicago was experiencing one of its most blossoming periods in food, fashion and the arts.”

Those of us lucky enough to live here already know that it is one of the world’s most exciting cities, and thanks to recent events, the rest of the planet might start learning how fantastic it is as well.