City Hall Is Trying To Catch You On Camera In Lakeview

Lights, camera, action. Words that immediately call to mind actors and actresses doing a scene for a movie. But in Lakeview, the cameras that City Hall has arranged to install are going to be filming on Belmont and Halsted Street. In addition, Belmont and Lake Shore Drive will have cameras that will most likely be on location permanently.
And in this case, you do not want to be the star. Yes, in 2003, the City of Chicago launched a pilot program known as Red Light Camera to address the problem of increasing fatal motor crashes at various traffic signals in the city. The Belmont addresses are the most recent where the camera’s will be installed by the the end of March 08.
Now, you will be getting a traffic ticket without ever seeing a police officer. Pass the red light, turn right illegally on a red light, or just stop past the crosswalk line and you will automatically be sent a ticket.  The tech savvy cameras automatically make you a star by mailing you a document to prove your star status, in the form of a traffic ticket.
Drive carefully in Lakeview, big brother is watching and note there are approximately 69 other locations in the city with these cameras.