Closet Encounters Should Be Elegant In Chicago Luxury Homes

When it comes to purchasing luxury Chicago condos, buyers always, without fail, want to see behind closed doors. Yes, you guessed it—the closets. They make all the difference in luxury Chicago homes. As the recent article “Closet Confidential” in The Chicago Collection magazine put it, a closet should be “a one-stop dressing room.” A well-designed closet adds extra square footage to luxury Chicago condos: “It’s like another room,” said the couple interviewed in the article.
The article described the transformation of both a bedroom closet and a hallway closet—neither should be neglected—orchestrated by a consultant from Closet Works, based in Elmhurst. If you can afford to call in experts like these, they’re an excellent resource: They go for permanent solutions, not quick fixes. But if not, here are the expert rules of thumb:

1. Go for a luxury look and make it uniform. Wooden hangers look the best in the closets of Chicago condos for sale, and wire should be avoided at all costs. Try to use the same type of hangers throughout, and if you’re not doing that, at least group them. The doors, shelves, etc., of the closet should be wood also, or painted a dark brown to make the clothes stand out.

2. Get organized and define your areas. Everything should have its place in the closets of Chicago condos — preferably with separate, appropriate storage units for different items. If many things are hanging, they should at least be grouped. Here are some suggested storage devices, all of which would be included in the ideal closet:
-Multiple rods
-Drawers—a jewelry drawer for instance
-A space for laundry

For those trying to sell luxury Chicago homes for $1-2 million or more, a remote-controlled rotating suit rack is a must.
4. Keep the floor clear. Once you start piling things in the underbellies of closets in luxury Chicago homes, the situation’s bound to go downhill. Use holders such as tie racks, utility hooks, etc. to create a proper place for everything.
5. Out with the old! Clutter does NOT say luxury. Purge the things you don’t need anymore to keep the closets of luxury Chicago condos sleek and refined.

Because when it comes to closets in Chicago condos for sale, it’s not just about space, but about grace.