Comments From An Internet Client

Working with Shelly was as rewarding an experience as moving into our first home.  As first-time buyers, we had heard all about how difficult and frustrating buying our first condo could be.  Thanks to Shelly, the experience was a blast.  At no point did we feel any pressure or discomfort.  In fact, the buying experience was fun and something we will cherish for a long time.  Shelly handled every aspect exceptionally.  He immediately understood what we were looking for and only showed us places we were comfortable with.  In the end, Shelly understood our needs better than we did.  He put us in a place that complemented our lifestyle and he is ultimately responsible for our happiness in our new condo.
We cannot stress enough the qualifications Shelly brings to the table.  He has incredible insight into the Chicago real-estate market.  Shelly went above and beyond in educating us on the current state of the market, buying nuances and re-sale issues.  We came away feeling secure in our investment given the current market environment and trends.  Moreover, we both feel comfortable discussing Chicago real-estate after the education Shelly imparted on us.
We strongly recommend Shelly to anyone in the Chicago real-estate market and look forward to the opportunity to work with him again.”
–The McIngvales
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