Consider Schools for Your Children When Purchasing Chicago Luxury Real Estate

Whether you’re raising preschoolers, high schoolers or even just thinking about starting a family, there’s a good chance you’ve given some thought to where they’ll go to school. Being in the right school district has become an incredibly important factor in Chicago real estate, with proximity to well-rated schools correlating with quick sales and higher prices.
In today’s luxury market, the mere mention of a home being within the limits of a particular school sends the phones ringing off the hook between brokers and their clients, all at the prospect of their children attending these coveted schools. We’ve previously talked about some of the most coveted K-8 schools—Audobon, Blaine, Bell and others. But several of Chicago’s public schools were recently listed among top-ranked institutions by U.S. News:
Ranked 1st: Northside College Prep
Ranked 2nd: Payton Prep
Ranked 3rd: Jones Prep (selective enrollment)
Ranked 4th: Whitney Young Magnet (selective enrollment)
Ranked 8th: Lane Tech (selective enrollment)
U.S. News says the ranking identify top-performing schools in the United States, based on standardized test performance, how well students are prepared for college and even demographics. A school must perform better than expected on standardized tests given its proportion of economically disadvantage students.

Searching for Chicago Real Estate Near Good Schools

While many potential homebuyers are on the hunt for a property near a good school, I think it’s important to take a step back and consider: what makes for a “good” school, exactly? The answer is, it really depends on you.
While these schools are certainly considered “top” in the Chicago area, it is important to consider what a “good” school entails for you and your children. Whether its rankings, college readiness or a focus on a special interest like art or science, a “good” school might be different from one child to the next.
It is also important to understand that there are private and magnet schools, plus outstanding public schools that enroll children directly from the district in which they live. So if you do have your heart set on your children attending a particular one, you want to make sure you are working with a realtor who can guide you within the limits of a certain school.
Some schools also allow in-person visits, so you can see first hand the education the students are receiving and get an idea for if your child will fit in.
If being near the right school is at the top of your real estate wish list, discuss what you’re looking for with your real estate agent. I will be happy to talk with you about the educational strengths and goals you want to accommodate for your child and whether you want him or her to attend a neighborhood school, a magnet school, or a private school. I can also recommend a knowledgeable person in the field who can help provide suggestions of schools and programs you may want to consider. Contact me at (312) 498-5080 or email me at