Consider Your Lifestyle When Building a Luxury New Construction Home in Chicago

When I first meet with clients who plan to build a new construction home from scratch, the first thing I suggest is that they document on paper their current lifestyle—what they like to do, their favorite at-home activities, what their weekends look like. I also suggest they do the same for what they envision in 10 years.
Maybe they love to collect art, or entertain, or have a space to unwind or to play with their children or grandchildren. Thinking about these things in the short and long term not only helps the buyer determine what their wants and needs are for a new home, but helps me as their real estate agent convey information to the architect. That way their dream home can include all of the special features they’ve been hoping for.
Special Features in a Chicago New Construction Home
Once we have an idea of what a homebuyer likes to do, we can use that to think about what that means for what they’ll want in a Chicago new construction home.
For example, if a couple is very into art and has a growing collection, their home will have certain attributes like high ceilings (at least 10 feet tall), an expert lighting plan from an individual who specializes in architectural lighting, and consideration for outside sunlight to ensure it is properly diffused and doesn’t affect paintings or other art pieces.
Another buyer might love to cook and entertain. That’s where I can help advise them on the most recent cutting-edge appliances and kitchen trends to ensure their space can keep up with their lifestyle. There are also special additions that might come into play, like a pizza oven in an outside garden or an indoor-outdoor accessible dining space. 
Or, another feature that’s been popping up lately is adding a cigar room–the Wall St. Journal recently covered this home trend, in which homeowners are creating a peaceful space to enjoy a fine cigar and escape the everyday stress of the corporate world. These “smoking dens” are luxury rooms designed not only for relaxation but also to keep smoke away from the rest of the house, often including things like dark wood paneling, a fireplace and sweeps under the door to keep smoke from escaping.
Considerations When Making Customizations to New Constuction Homes
It is important to note that adding all of the rooms, characteristics and features you want in your dream home is just that–your dream home. The more specific and tailored a home is to your needs, the more it can affect the resale value down the road, as potential buyers might not see the need for a state-of-the-art kitchen or a special smoking room. 
When planning a Chicago new construction home, I recommend the buyer and realtor work together to think about how particular features can be adjusted when it comes time to sell the home. In the case of the art space, how can the lighting be worked into a home without art? For the entertaining space, is there a way to present the space that appeals to a more broad lifestyle? If there’s a smoking den, be sure the room could be repurposed as an office without a lingering smoke smell.
If you’re interested in seeing what lifestyle features could be included in your Chicago new construction home, give me a call. I’ve walked many clients through the process of building a home from the ground up and working with the architect to ensure itis not only to their specifications but will retain its value over the coming years. Contact me at (312) 498-5080 or email me at