Customizing Chicago Luxury Homes for Lifestyle Interests

Blueprints - Building a Chicago Custom HomeWhen it comes to building Chicago new construction, the customization options are nearly endless. The Wall St. Journal wrote this month about a trend in building amenities specifically designed for teen children. Other building considerations include entertaining-centric spaces and kitchen upgrades built for the “foodie” generation.
No matter what custom amenities and characteristics you’re looking for in a home, one of the most critical communications when designing a new home is between you, the builder and the architect. It’s important that you discuss your lifestyle, wants and needs, and the important features that will make the home built just for you.
Communication with your builder or architect is critical when designing a new Chicago home. There are several key points that you’ll want to discuss in detail, including:
Lifestyle: Talk with your builder about your wants and needs for the home and what features are important for you to be included. For example, you might be planning on high ceilings to accommodate an art collection, and working with the architect can ensure there’s a place for everything just as you envision. You might be a film buff, an artist, or have disability issues, and these are all important considerations when developing your custom Chicago home.
Finishes: You’ll want to discuss the level of finishes throughout the home—for example, what materials you’d like to use for the floors, hardware, countertops, cabinetry, etc. Finishes for these areas are available in a whole range of levels, from very basic to the ultra-luxury. There can be very big differences in price and in the final look and result, so it’s important that you and the builder are on the same page about what finishes you’d like in your home.
His and hers: One of the great things about building a Chicago home is that you can customize to your heart’s (and wallet’s) content. Consider spaces that are designated as “his and hers,” like closets/dressing rooms, bathrooms and office spaces. You and your spouse’s needs can both be met by creating custom spaces for each of you.
Working with an Architect on Chicago New Construction
Reviewing the architect’s drawings is a key part of the home designing and building process. Depending on the architect, these drawings can range from the bare minimum (all that is required to obtain permits) to drawings that include all details and specifications like lighting, plumbing, etc.
Of course, the more detailed approach from a residential architect will help you nail down all of the little details and determine the final cost of all of your design decisions. It can also bring up many important questions that you’ll want answered before diving into the building process.
Building Chicago real estate is a great opportunity to create something that fits your lifestyle exactly. I have extensive experience guiding buyers through the building process, from assisting with location choices to design decisions that will affect resale value down the line. To further discuss considerations for your Chicago new construction project, contact me at (312) 498-5080 or email me at