Cutting-Edge Kitchen Features for Building a Chicago Home

The foodie trend has only gotten bigger in 2013—everywhere I look, I am finding people who love exploring the subject via conversation, visiting new restaurants or experimenting in cooking classes. Even on TV, more often than not you’ll find entertainment like Top Chef (the ultimate foodie show) or variations like Iron Chef.
So what does this have to do with real estate? The Wall St. Journal just ran a wonderful article about “foodies” requiring special cutting-edge features in their most important room in the house: the kitchen.
When buying or building an upscale luxury home, the type of kitchen can certainly take a property from average to stellar. Keeping an eye on trends like this is important if you’re shopping for a Chicago home or building a custom property. Incorporating the features that are important to today’s buyers will only up the “wow” factor in a home that luxury buyers are willing to pay for.

Features of the Foodie Kitchen in Chicago Real Estate

With more activity and interest centered on food, it’s expected that the kitchen is becoming more and more important in Chicago real estate. Many residents are seeing it as a hub for everything from daily action and food prep to formal dinners and hosted events.
Building a kitchen for modern living like this requires a few particular features, often centered around one piece: the kitchen island. As highlighted by the Journal, here are a few key ways for the kitchen island to stand above the rest:
Make it versatile: While the kitchen island is quite literally the center of a kitchen, its figurative role in a home is more important than ever: this is where meals are prepared, homework is done, and families regroup throughout the day. Today’s kitchen island should be able to transform easily between a play surface, a work station and a serving area.
Make it well-equipped: More electrical outlets and charging stations are high on the list of wants for the modern kitchen island. Some even feature cabinetry with built-in elevation systems to bring heavy appliances to counter height with only the push of a button. Motorized countertops adjust in height to accommodate who is doing the cooking.
Add foodie functionality: The kitchen island should do a whole lot more than provide a surface area in the center of the room. Adding “wow” factor features like a pull-drawer microwave, a stowaway flatscreen TV, and built-in steamers, drying racks and warming drawers take a kitchen space up a notch for today’s families or food enthusiast.
Make it roomy: While a couple of barstools used to be enough around an island, the name of the game now is to add more seats, so families and guest can freely gather in this space.

Considering Kitchen Design in Chicago Real Estate

Even if you aren’t buying, selling or building real estate right now, it’s important that homeowners keep design trends like this in mind. What today’s buyer is looking for can really affect a home’s resale value later on, and if your home meets the needs of what luxury buyers are looking for, the more competitive you’ll be when it does come time to sell.
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Image: Eclectic Kitchen design by Houston Interior Designer Carla Aston | Interior Designer on Houzz.