Dog-Friendly Chicago Condo Buildings

Dog-Friendly Chicago Condos


Condo Buildings in Chicago with Dog Allowances & Requirements

If you’re a pet owner in the market for a Chicago condo, you might want to start with which buildings accommodate your four-legged friend.

I recently reached out to the realtors and management companies for more than 100 condo buildings in the best Chicago neighborhoods to find out which ones welcome our furry friends. Below is a comprehensive list you won’t find anywhere else.

You’ll also find any restrictions, limits or fees associated with these dog-friendly condo buildings. Note that, because requirements can change over time, I still recommend double-checking with any management company to ensure that pets are allowed in the building. If you still have a question about these pet-friendly Chicago condos, please email me and I will be happy to find any additional information that isn’t listed here.


Dog-Friendly Condo Buildings in The Loop

LocationPet LimitWeight LimitFees
711 S DearbornNo limitNo limit$150 security deposit
130 N Garland2 dogs/unit35 lbs./dog
1160 S Michigan2 dogs/unitNo limit
625 W Jackson2 dogs/unitNo limit
60 E Monroe2 dogs/unitNo limit
65 E Monroe2 dogs/unitNo limit
6 N MichiganNo limitNo limit
310 S Michigan2 dogs/unitNo limit
8 E Randolph2 dogs/unitNo limit$25/dog annually
520 S State2 dogs/unitNo limit
212 W Washington2 dogs/unit50 lbs. combined$100/dog annually
737 W Washington2 dogs/unitNo limit$35/dog

Dog-Friendly Buildings in Chicago’s New East Side

LocationPet LimitWeight LimitFees
225 N Columbus2 dogs/unitNo limit
195 N Harbor2 dogs/unitNo limit
240 E Randolph2 dogs/unit150 lbs. combined
400 E Randolph2 dogs/unit45 lbs. combined
201 W Shore2 dogs/unitNo limit
420 E Waterside2 dogs/unitNo limit
450 E Waterside2 dogs/unitNo limit

Dog-Friendly Buildings in Chicago’s Near North Neighborhood

LocationPet LimitWeight LimitFees
165 N Canal2 dogs/unitNo limit$100/dog annually
333 N Canal2 dogs/unit90 lbs. combined
839 N Dearborn1 dog/unit50 lbs.
635 N Dearborn2 dogs/unit25 lbs. each
435 W Erie2 dogs/unitNo limit$100/2nd dog
375 W Erie2 dogs/unitNo limit$100/each
360 W Illinois1 dog/unitNo limit$150 at move-in (refundable)
600 N Kingsbury2 dogs/unit40 lbs. each
645 N KingsburyNo limitNo limit
33 W Ontario1 dog/unit35 lbs.$100/annually
400 W Ontario2 dogs/unitNo limit$75/dog annually
630 N State2 dogs/unit25 lbs. each
500 W Superior2 dogs/unitNo limit$200/dog

Cathedral District Dog-Friendly Buildings in Chicago

LocationPet LimitWeight LimitFees
111 E Chestnut1 dog/unit30 lbs.$100 fee
10 E Delaware2 dogs/unitNo limit
132 E Delaware2 dogs/unitNo limit
55 E Erie2 dogs/unitNo limit
21 E Huron2 dogs/unitNo limit
30 E Huron2 dogs/unitNo limit
100 E Huron2 dogs/unitNo limit
161 E Chicago2 dogs/unit30 lbs. combined
800 E Michigan2 dogs/unitNo limit
950 Michigan1 dog/unit30 lbs./vet-verified
25 E Superior2 dogs/unitNo limit
77 E WaltonNo limitNo limit

Chicago’s East Lake Shore Drive Dog-Friendly Buildings

LocationPet LimitWeight LimitFees
179 East Lake ShoreCase-by-case basisBoard approval needed
199 East Lake Shore1 dog/unitNo limit
209 East Lake Shore1 medium/2 smallMgmt. approval needed
219 East Lake Shore1 dog/unitNo limit
229 East Lake Shore1 dog/unitNo limit

Dog-Friendly Gold Coast Condos

LocationPet LimitWeight LimitFees
1300 Astor2 dogs/unit25 lbs.
1301 Astor2 dogs/unit1 > 25 lbs., 1 < 25 lbs.
1335 Astor2 dogs/unit40 lbs. each
1355 Astor2 dogs/unit40 lbs. each
1430 Astor2 dogs/unitNo limit
1500 AstorNo limit25 lbs. each
1555 Astor2 dogs/unit40 lbs. each
50 E Bellevue1 dog/unit45 lbs.
20 E Cedar2 dogs/unitNo limit2nd dog/board approval
21 W Chestbut2 dogs/unit25 lbs. each
1035 N Dearborn2 dogs/unitNo limit
1122 N Dearborn2 dogs/unit1 50 lbs. or 2 25 lbs.
1155 N Dearborn2 dogs/unit60 lbs. combined$25/dog annually
1301 N Dearborn2 dogs/unit35 lbs. each
40 E Delaware2 dogs/unit30 lbs. each
57 E Delaware2 dogs/unit25 lbs. each$50/dog annually
71 E Division2 dogs/unit60 lbs. each
1000 N Lake Shore1 dog/unit20 lbs.$25 annually
1000 N Lake Shore Plaza1 dog/unit25 lbs.
1150 N Lake Shore2 dogs/unit60 lbs. combined vet-verified$50/dog annually
1200 N Lake Shore2 dogs/unitNo limit
1212 N Lake Shore2 dogs/unitNo limit
1242 N Lake Shore1 dog or cat/unitNo limit
1300 N Lake Shore2 dogs/unit80 lbs. combined
1430 N Lake shore2 dogs/unitNo limit
1440 N Lake Shore2 dogs/unit50 lbs. each
1500 N Lake ShoreNo limitNo limit
1550 n Lake Shore2 or 3/unit50 lbs. each
1310 N Richie Ct2 dogs/unit25 lbs. each
1000 N State Town HNo limitNo limit
1 E SchillerNo limitNo limit
1209 N State2 dogs/unitNo limit
1400 N State1 dog/unit30 lbs.
1410 N State2 dogs/unitNo limit
1440 N State2 dogs/unit50 lbs. each
1445 N State2 dogs/unitNo limit
1516 N StateNo limitNo limit

Dog-Friendly Streeterville Condos

LocationPet LimitWeight LimitFees
222 E Chestnut1 dog/unitNo limit
260 E Chestnut1 dog/unit25 lbs.
161 E Chicago2 dogs/unit30 lbs. combined
200 E DelawareNo limitNo limit
230 E Delaware2 dogs/unitNo limit
505 N Lake Shore1 dog/unit30 lbs.
530 N Lake ShoreNo limit35 lbs. each
680 N Lake Shore2 dogs/unit25 lbs. each
800 N Michigan2 dogs/unitNo limit
440 N McClurg2 dogs/unit25 lbs. each
480 N McClurg2 dogs/unit25 lbs. each
211 E Ohio2 dogs/unitNo limit$50/dog annually
400 E Ohio2 dogs/unitNo limit
420 E Ohio2 dogs/unit40 lbs. each$500 one-time
401 E OntarioNo limitno limit$50/dog annually
180 E Pearson2 dogs/unitNo limit
250 E Pearson2 dogs/unitNo limit
415 E North Water2 dogs/unitNo limit

Lincoln Park Dog-Friendly Chicago Condos

LocationPet LimitWeight LimitFees
2500 N Lakeview2 dogs/unit35 lbs. each
2626 N Lakeview1 dog/unit30 lbs.
2100 N Lincoln Pk West1 dog/unit35 lbs.
2130 N Lincoln Pk West2 dogs/unitNo limit
345 W Fullerton1 dog/unit25 lbs.
616 W Fullerton2 dogs/unitNo limit$100/dog annually

Dog-Friendly Condos in Lakeview

LocationPet LimitWeight LimitFees
3200 N Lake Shore2 dogs/unitMust be carried by owner
3300 N Lake Shore2 dogs/unitNo limit
3660 N Lake Shore2 dogs/unit100 lbs.
3740 N Lake Shore2 dogs/unitNo limit