Dog Friendly Chicago Condos

When you’re looking for the perfect Chicago real estate or Chicago condo there are many elements you need to consider – location, living space, potential resale value, square footage, amenities, storage space, and the list goes on.  Of course, when you go through the check list, don’t forget to think of your pets – especially if you have a dog!  Make sure that your new condo or home will be a good move for them as well.
After all, it doesn’t matter if you find the place of your dreams but then you discover that your new condo building doesn’t allow dogs.  Always make sure to check out the building’s guidelines before you even look at a place if you have a dog, cat, or other pet.
Next you need to ask yourself if your dog is going to be happy there.  Will your pet feel comfortable?  Every animal likes to find a special corner that they can feel is their own comfortable hideaway.  Make sure they will be able to adjust well and feel at home in your new Chicago condo.

You also need to make sure that there are convenient parks or other areas for your dog to play outside.  If your dog is used to an expansive back yard, they will not like going to the bathroom on the sidewalk.  Make sure there are dog parks or other dog friendly areas close to your Chicago condo, since dogs love to be outside and able to run around.
Last but certainly not least, are there local businesses like restaurants where dogs are allowed nearby? There are a number of books and websites that have lists of dog friendly places in Chicago (and other cities, for that matter).  Did you know that you can actually bring your dog into Tiffany and Co.?  Also there are many restaurants in Chicago that allow dogs on their patios, so your favorite buddy too can enjoy the wonderful summer weather right along with you.
So remember to think of your pets when you’re searching for Chicago real estate, and be sure to let your realtor know if you require a dog friendly Chicago condo.