Finding The Best of the Best: Concierge Services in Chicago Luxury Condo Buildings

Chicago's luxury buildings offer concierge services and amenities for your every want and need.

Many of the luxury Chicago condo buildings we’ve discussed on this blog are more than a notable address or well-known piece of architecture in the city. Living in these buildings means having access to exclusive amenities and services, and many include a concierge that treats each and every resident like a guest at a hotel.
But there are some buildings that even go far beyond basic concierge service. We’re not talking about hailing a cab or making dinner reservations—but what I call extended concierge services that can include anything that will help make life easier for even the most discriminating resident. Things like:
• Organizing vacations
• Assistance in emergency situations
• Stocking refrigerators
• Throwing parties
• Working with executive assistants
• Coordinating dinners, events, meetings, etc.
• Home staging
• Unloading groceries
• Putting away dry cleaning/laundry
• Special/unique requests that go beyond the “call of duty”
Extended concierge services are perfect for executive-level individuals like CEOs, chairmen or hedge fund managers who simply don’t have time to take care of the small things but want to ensure they are handled appropriately. Sometimes these are everyday tasks, other times not-so-everyday. These things are handled by the building staff (often around the clock) and are much like having the finest hotel services right outside your own home. And many of these services come gratis—just a perk of living in one of Chicago’s best luxury buildings.
Since these services have become more personalized and detailed than ever the staff of luxury condo buildings have to become a bit of a one-stop shop. They could go from party planner, to errand runner, to home decorator within a day’s time.

Finding a Chicago Condo for your Concierge Needs

I’ve worked with many clients who can’t live without services, and rely on them for both big and small tasks. They want to be spoiled, and have peace of mind about their to-do list. Extended concierge services fill that void, and therefore the availability of these services is becoming a major factor for luxury buyers who are shopping Chicago condos.
I’d be happy to review with you the various services that are available at various Chicago condo buildings. When I work with a client who is looking for services such as this, I like to sit down with them to “interview” them about their specific needs and wants. From there, I can recommend a building that would be most appropriate for them to consider.
It’s important to note that I hold such meetings on a confidential basis. This is a key aspect of how I work with a client who requires this type of services. For famous/well-known clients, I’m always willing to sign a confidentiality agreement before discussing anything.
If you’re looking for Chicago luxury condos that offer this type of service to its residents, give me a call. I’d love to introduce you to some of my favorite buildings that cater to every need of its residents and make them feel like a VIP day in and day out. Contact me at (312) 498-5080