Five Reasons To Choose A Vintage Property in Chicago

Chicago is home to many historically significant buildings, and there are many reasons to make one of these elegant properties your new home.  Here are the top five reasons to go vintage when you are buying Chicago real estate:
1.  Unique Floorplans – Many vintage properties have interesting floorplans or unusual layouts that sets them apart from more typical Chicago condos.
2.  Captivating Details -Chicago’s vintage buildings tend to be full of intriguing and sometimes whimsical details that reflect the era they were created during; such as intricate Art Deco facades, elegant moldings, and other seemingly minor touches that combine to make an elegant whole.
3.  A Sense of History – Some of the city’s most well-known buildings are nearly a century old, so they have born witness to many important events.  Living in one of these properties gives new meaning to the term “If these walls could talk…”.
4.  It’s Environmentally Friendly – Although much of Chicago’s recent construction is LEED-certified and the green building trend shows no sign of waning, purchasing a condo or home that has been around for decades is just as positive – think of it as the high end real estate version of recycling.
5.  Amazing Construction – While new construction is certainly an important aspect of the Chicago real estate scene, there is something to be said for the overall sturdiness of a building that has been around for decades – they just don’t make them like they used to.