Giving Thanks: Five Reasons To Be Thankful For Chicago Real Estate

You may not think that there is much to be thankful for in the current Chicago real estate market; however, despite the state of real estate at the moment there are plenty of reasons to be positive about the future of real estate here in the Second City, whether you currently own a Chicago condo or are planning on purchasing Chicago real estate in the future.
In that regard, I’ve come up with five reasons to give thanks that are related to Chicago real estate, so without further ado:
1. Exceptional Architecture. Chicago is known for its world class architecture, thanks to its stunning skyline and remarkable buildings. What that means for real estate is simple – classic architecture retains its value over the years, so investing in a Chicago condo located in an architecturally prominent building could prove to be a very wise decision.
2. Incredible Culture. If you already live in the Windy City, you know that the local cultural scene – the dining, the nightlife, the museums, etc. – is second to none, and if you are planning on relocating to Chicago, you have definitely made the right choice.
3. Top Notch Schools. For Chicagoans with young children (or who are planning to start a family soon), the fact that the public and private schools are among the best in the nation.
4. (Relatively) Thriving Economy. Although the city has certainly not been immune to the recent economic downturn, we are certainly doing better than many other areas of the country, particularly our Midwest neighbors.
5. Attention to Detail. Many Chicago real estate developments offer condos, townhomes, and more with luxurious high end finishes and creative amenities; for instance, some developers offer partnerships with car-sharing services or shuttle service to the loop for residents who work downtown.
Feel free to share your thoughts on what you have to be thankful for in Chicago and Chicago real estate in the comments.