Hot Property for Buyers: A 3-Bedroom Chicago Condo

While there’s no shortage of good deals among Chicago real estate, there is one type of property that you might find at even more of a discount: the 3-bedroom Chicago condo.
An article in November’s Chicago magazine said three-bedroom condos have been a tough sell in a down real estate market. The reason? Those who want to downsize—such as empty nesters—need to sell their current residence before finding that perfect Chicago condo. Many empty nesters desire 2,000 square feet of living space, and a three-bedroom condo allows them room for an office and a guest room in addition to a bedroom.
Chicago home buyers may be more apt to get a deal on a 3-bedroom condo these days since they aren’t moving on the market the way other properties are. Deeper discounts are often negotiable on properties with higher assessments—resulting in a better value for the purchase price.
And it’s not just empty nesters that could benefit from these slow-moving 3-bedrooms. Depending on the size, a 3-bedroom Chicago condo could be perfect for a single person who could enjoy the extra space, as could newlyweds or those looking to start a family. A 3-bedroom in the right condo building with the right amenities and floor plan could be the answer for any home buyer, especially those who want to negotiate a good deal right now.
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