How to Maximize a Chicago Luxury Home’s Sale Price

Painting your Chicago home before selling

It’s no secret that color plays an important role in selling a luxury home.

If the colors are too, well, colorful, then a buyer might not be able to see past them and quickly decide a home isn’t their style. But if they are too bland, the home could seem uninteresting to a buyer looking for something they feel is special.

When I’m working with a seller to get their property sold, many don’t want to spend the time, money and energy to paint the home they’re planning to move out of. But, it’s a really important step that a seller can take to expedite the sale of their home. And I have found that sellers who do paint before going up for sale are always quite surprised at how quickly the home sells—and often at a higher price than they expected.

When it comes to the appearance of a luxury condo or home for sale, I always stress to my seller clients the importance of having a consistent color palette throughout the home. And secondly, a home with lighter paint colors throughout will typically sell faster than one with different dark colors as its background.

If you decide to give your home a fresh coat before putting it on the market (and I’d highly recommend it), you’ll be faced with another all-important question: What color?

Because color does indeed play a role in real estate, I always like to stay on top of the most recent colors that paint manufacturers and new construction developers are selecting for high-end properties, and there are a few clear trends at work right now.

The Paint Color of the Moment: White

When selling a home, you want to choose colors that a broad spectrum of buyers will identify with—across tastes and styles, lifestyles and interests. This topic was recently covered by the Wall Street Journal, and the article highlighted that the color that gets a home sold fast might not be considered a color at all: white.

Benjamin Moore selected “Simply White” as its 2016 color of the year, and the hue has endured among builders, developers and designers, particularly in urban areas. Experts associated its increased popularity with an increased focus on well-being, as the color is light, clean and refreshing.
Not to mention, white is a great canvas for buyers who are art collectors or design aficionados and won’t detract from art, architecture or design elements in a home. White won’t look dated, and gives buyers a neutral palette to imagine themselves living there.

Color in Your New Chicago Home

As paramount as color is when selling a home, it’s also an important part of the post-purchase process. After you’ve bought a home, it’s typically a next step to personalize it with your own chosen paint color and other décor.

For that reason, I’m offering my clients $2,500 at closing when they purchase or sell a home with me for $500,000 or more. If you’re looking to put that money toward painting, I have teamed up with an expert who can help you along the way. Click here to learn more about this special offer.

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