How to Maximize Resale Price: Upgrade the Kitchen Features in Your Chicago Condo

Last week the Wall St. Journal highlighted the kitchen—and the kitchen island in particular—as a key factor for what buyers are looking for in today’s homes. But design trends like this aren’t just important for those who are buying or selling Chicago real estate. Anyone with a real estate investment should keep trends like the “foodie kitchen” at top of mind.
Homeowners who are considering selling their Chicago home or condo often ask me what they can do to increase the value in their home. I think resale value is something to think about, not when you’re ready to list your home on the market, but all the way back to when you make the purchase in the first place. Many homes’ features might not bother you while you live there, but could be very unappealing to a buyer down the line.
Maximizing Resale Price in Your Chicago Condo
More and more, the kitchen is becoming the “hub” for activity in today’s homes. Today’s buyers want to see this space dressed to the nines, and a “foodie” centric kitchen does just that. Having some of all of the features I am outlining here will provide that “wow” factor and certainly help in getting the maximum price for your home.
A few of the must-have features in today’s kitchen include:
-Under-the-counter appliances: Kitchen islands equipped with a manual lift bring heavy appliances to waist level when in use, and ensure they are easily stowed away when not.
-Faucet upgrades: Adding a tap for filtered, hot water to the sink eliminates the need for a water purification system in the refrigerator or a tea kettle for quick hot water.
-In-counter steamer: Fresh steamed vegetables at the push of a button? An in-counter steamer takes away the need for cleaning and storing extra dishes for preparing farmer’s market favorites
-Custom storage: A place for everything and everything in its place—custom storage allows a big kitchen to be a utilitarian space without being overrun with clutter.
-Electrical outlets: The modern cook needs more than just a place to plug the toaster in. Ample outlets allow room for multi-task cooking, baking, charging stations
Flatscreen TV: The kitchen is evolving into the central zone of today’s homes, making it the center of activities like homework, entertaining, watching sports, etc.
Today’s market is still somewhat volatile, so it’s more important than ever to consider the future when making a Chicago real estate purchase. A property’s unique characteristics and variables (like kitchen upgrades such as these) can affect the future value when it’s time to sell. As today’s “foodies” shop for homes, features like these could truly set your Chicago home far beyond what else is on the market.
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