In Chicago Luxury Homes, Kitchens Should Be Cutting Edge

Even if you’re not the next Mario Batali, the kitchen in your luxury Chicago home better be up-to-snuff with today’s modern conveniences and technologies. Whether cooking or not, people spend a lot of time in the kitchen. This room is the home’s major gathering area, where people can socialize and/or cook all at the same time. The kitchen can dramatically affect your Chicago home’s resale value, so you better make sure yours is up-to-date.
Here are some suggestions for bringing your kitchen into the 21st century:

  • Ultra-elegant knives are a must-have item for any luxury kitchen. World-renowned French chef Michel Bras developed his own line of sophisticated cutting utensils in conjunction with Japanese knife manufacturer KAI (Japanese knives are known for being very light, thin and agile). A 10-piece set costs approximately $2,700 at Williams-Sonoma. Even if you don’t use them often, make sure these works of art are displayed prominently within your kitchen.

  • A built-in cappuccino maker, such as a built-in Miele, preserves counter space without the hassle of storage. If you’re selling your Chicago home, keep in mind that no one enjoys looking at a cluttered counter. These systems cost roughly $3,000, but they fit seamlessly into a custom-built kitchen. Most machines only have the ability to brew one cup at a time, which is their only downside.

  • A Sub-Zero refrigerator will no doubt set your Chicago home a part from all the others. Sub-Zero refrigerators contain an air purification system that continuously rids your fridge of odors, bacteria, ethylene gas and contaminants to keep food fresh. Even if you’re not a serious cooker, the Pro 48 will have you looking like one. Made entirely of stainless steel, this fridge looks like you bought it straight from an industrial kitchen. From $6,000.
  • Wolf cooktops are every designer’s dream. They are functional, yet look so darn good. With customizable parts such as a steamer or fryer, Wolf’s integrated module cooktops make it hard to leave the kitchen. They even allow you to have an electric cooktop directly next to a gas one. Wolf cooktops, which are manufactured by the same company as Sub-Zero, cost from $1,000.
  • A smart, high-tech oven like the TMIO Intelligent Oven is the next wave in cooking technology. This oven let’s you refrigerate your food prior to cooking, and allows you to start the cooking process remotely via the telephone or Internet. A single oven costs $6,000, a double oven costs $7,500.
  • A high-end dishwasher, such as Bosch, can sense how dirty your dishes are and automatically adjusts the wash temperature to accommodate. The company’s Evolution 800 Series dishwasher even has a “party” mode that cleans lightly soiled dishes in just 30 minutes. According to the company, “It’s perfect for times when you need to keep your party going.” From $1,200.

  • A wine cooler is the new gotta-have item for your kitchen. The Electrolux Icon Designer Series 48-bottle wine cooler has thermal-tempered glass door that protects your wine from harmful UV light rays. This model is approximately the size of a dishwasher and costs $1,900.

Bottom line: Make sure everything is modern and high-end, or at least high-end-looking. In luxury Chicago homes, there should be nothing kitschy about the kitchens.