Lincoln Park Condos – Could One Be Right for You?

Purchasing a Chicago condo isn’t always easy, especially in a city as diverse and expansive as ours. With hundreds of neighborhoods to choose from, deciding where to live can be a daunting task – but don’t let it be! Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned pro, it’s always important to have a clear sense of which factors matter most to you. Conversely, keeping an open mind throughout the process will allow you to explore your options without dwelling on generalizations and hearsay.
Lincoln Park – one of Chicago’s premiere neighborhoods – has a world of culture, fun, and stability to offer. An incredibly eclectic area, Lincoln Park flawlessly combines the urban feel of a hip, young borough with luxurious condos and homes perfect for a family on the rise. In this respect, as well as countless others, Lincoln Park is suitable to individuals from many different walks of life.
Whether you’re a young professional, a recent college graduate, or part of a growing family, Lincoln Park has something for you. Because the area itself is so widespread, a variety of small communities have taken shape, each with their own distinct flair.
If you’re a recent member of the workforce looking to establish yourself within the professional and personal worlds, the area surrounding DePaul University could be perfect for you. With a multitude of shops, restaurants, and bars – all ranging from casual to highly upscale – this corridor is perfect for young professionals. The selection of condos and row homes is generally older, which blends with the neighborhood’s exciting feel to create an area that is concurrently historic and cutting-edge.
For established couples or families on the upswing, the area surrounding N. Orchard St. is considered the most impressive in Chicago, both architecturally and financially speaking. The tree-lined street is stocked with three and four story row homes, practically all of which have been renovated recently to the utmost standards of decorating and design. The area has a distinctly urban feel, and is located conveniently close to some of the city’s most acclaimed restaurants and stores. However, the neighborhood’s incredibly secure and comfortable feel makes it a perfect location for family living.
Regardless of your career or marital status, Lincoln Park’s undeniable charm makes it a fantastic place for anyone to live. The wide range of Chicago condos located within this area gives you the ability to choose which property and community are best for you. For further information on finding an incredible Lincoln Park condo in the current market, feel free to contact Chicago real estate agent Sheldon Salnick at (312) 498-5080 or