Living Green: Chicago Real Estate That is Good For the Earth and Good for Your Finances

Living in an environmentally friendly building is easier than it has ever been in Chicago, and now, it’s cost effective. The environmental benefits begin as soon as the ground breaks for new construction – these buildings are created from sustainable, recycled, and low-toxicity materials. Even older buildings are picking up on the trend, incorporating rooftop gardens that purify our city’s air while giving their residents a nice green space to relax in.  Furthermore, if you invest in one of Chicago’s many green developments, you’ll be saving yourself money while you save the planet (or at least the part of the planet that Chicago is located in). The way green buildings use energy-conserving structural elements and appliances lowers your utility bills while easing your conscience and reducing your carbon footprint. In addition, living in a green residence can also qualify you for tax breaks and special incentives from the government.
So where in Chicago can you live green and save greenbacks? The city’s most prominent green building is 340 on the Park, which is located on Randolph Street. The building is LEED certified, meaning the U.S. Green Building Council has approved its design; 340 was also ahead of its time since it was built in 2002, just before the green craze really picked up. In addition to its design features, the building takes part in the I-Go Car Sharing program, which aims to reduce the number of cars on the road and their corresponding emissions.
Besides all the environmental benefits of purchasing a condo in this building, you’ll be able to enjoy the sheer aesthetic appeal of Millennium Park and Lake Michigan views that will never be blocked by new construction, since the building is located right on the edge of the park near the Lake.
Accompanying 340 on the Park in the green construction movement is the Eco18 building, an appropriately named twelve story condominium building in the South Loop. Also LEED certified, it boasts recycled construction materials, geothermal heating and cooling features, and an 11,250-square-foot rooftop garden. Both of these buildings, as well as other eco-friendly Chicago condos like the Parc Chestnut (849 North Franklin Street), Lexington Park (2138 South Indiana Avenue), the Green Armitage (3018 West Armitage Avenue), and 900 South Clark are Chicago real estate investments worth making.