Luxury Real Estate Around The World – A Chicago Real Estate Agent’s Favorite Links

If you’re reading my blog, chances are you are interested in the Chicago real estate market.  However, my readers and clients are also often curious about houses and properties around the globe and what they can get for their money in the current economic climate, so here are some of the latest useful and interesting articles I’ve come across.
Ever seen the show Curb Appeal? Well here are four houses that are for sale, are unique in their own way, defiantly have curb appeal, and our located in four different corners in the United States.
First time condo buyer? Click here to read CNN Money’s article about how you can get up to $8000.00 towards your new house.
Bargains in the Hamptons real estate market – did you ever think you would see those words in the same sentence?
Las Vegas is one of the cities in the United States that has been hit the hardest in this downtuwn, so the state of Nevada is offering zero down on your payment loan.  After you find your ideal Chicago home, why not consider a vacation place in Las Vegas?  It’s the perfect way to avoid the winter chill.
Chicago residents have probably heard of the East Bank Club – it is definitely one of the most exclusive athletic clubs in the country.  However, it pales in comparision to this full service club based in Hong Kong – at $15 million dollars for 30 years, you’ll get an “all-access, first-class VIP pass” to megayachts, yacht clubs, jockey clubs, country clubs, golf courses, ski resorts, gentlemans clubs, supper clubs, luxury hotels and restaurants around the globe, as well as the right to race your horses in China’s Royal Nanjing Jockey Club, where prizes run to the millions; confidential concierge and problem resolution services including 24-hour international emergency medical assistance; global executive travel assistance; personal bodyguards, travel guides and elite escorts worldwide; and the ability to charge expenses to an exclusive global biometrics-protected club card with a $1 million credit line.
Some stunning luxury condos go up for auction in Maryland at the Lowe’s Hotel at the end of this month -the bidding starts at 75,000 but these condos are worth almost one million.
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