Marketing Your Chicago Home for Sale

Marketing Your Chicago Home for Sale

Marketing Your Chicago Home for Sale

A new age in real estate demands a new approach to the selling process—one that is regularly refined to best meet the needs of my sellers and fit in to today’s real estate market. With more than 25 years in Chicago real estate, Sheldon Salnick has been able to determine what works and what doesn’t and adjust marketing strategies accordingly to help clients’ homes showcase beautifully, have greater visibility and successfully sell.

Your Chicago home for sale will reach thousands of prospective buyers through a distinctive online marketing strategy and web presence in a number of carefully chosen places. Here’s a look at the approach you can expect when working with Sheldon to sell your home:

Sheldon Salnick's 15 Part Selling Strategy

1. Competitive Market Analysis (CMA): Sheldon provides a comprehensive study of pricing and specifications on similar homes in your area. Based on those results and current market trends, together you can determine the optimal asking price for your home.

2. Homeowner interview: An important aspect of selling your home is to identify how it is distinctive. Features like ceiling heights, parking, high-end appliances and details that don’t lie in plain sight are all important pieces to highlight to buyers. Along with getting to know your property, Sheldon will get to know you as well—he’ll be sure to discuss any showing restrictions (for example, if you have young children) and find out what works best for you throughout selling process.

3. Internal marketing meeting: When selling your home, Sheldon works with Dream Town Realty’s in-house sales and marketing staff to introduce them to you property, identify the key areas to promote and selling strengths so they can support with any additional marketing materials. All Dream Town real estate brokers are also alerted to the new property listing, creating instant awareness among buyers’ representatives.

4. Professional photoshoot: Buyers start their search online, so photos are paramount for generating interest in your property right away. Sheldon works with a professional photographer to generate a library of high-quality interior and exterior pictures of your home, which are then used to create an online gallery, a virtual home tour, 360-degree street view printable brochure and much more.

5. MLS (Multiple Listing Service) submission: Sheldon submits an optimized property listing to the MLS Database of Northern Illinois that reaches all Chicago-area Realtors.

6. An elegant broker open with Chicago’s top brokers: A broker’s open is a high-end party specifically for Realtors who work with buyers in a similar price range, as well as top brokers identified by the MLS. For extremely high-end properties, these events typically have special marketing techniques employed to leave a lasting impression for the brokers who attend.

7. Purchase offers and negotiations: When offers roll in, Sheldon will review them and ensure that the potential buyer’s financial qualifications are verified to ensure you only proceed with serious buyers. Sheldon will negotiate on your behalf and mediate counteroffers to reach an agreement with a buyer. And any contingencies and sale conditions will be scrutinized and explained in detail to protect your interest and help you achieve the best deal.

8. Traditional marketing: Even in the digital age, traditional marketing is not a dead strategy for selling your home as quickly and as profitably as possible. Sheldon employs several important traditional marketing tools as well, including e-blasts, street signage, open house notices and targeted mailers.

9. Online marketing: With my online marketing plan, the power and reach of your online presences are totally unmatched. It begins with a listing page that receives front-page exposure on, reaching more than 5,000 prospects every day, and is readily accessible to our entire database of over a million registered users. That’s multiplied by premium placement on over 20 other major sites.

10. Custom website built to showcase your property: Sheldon will oversee the development of a custom-designed website for your property and work with his technology staff to maximize traffic to the site. He also works with a web marketing expert to determine the best key words for marketing your home, and develop retargeting techniques used by some of the most high-end luxury brands to maximize conversions.

11. Custom brochure designed for your property: Before real estate, Sheldon worked in marketing and advertising for a major agency and a financial corporation, and he leverages that experience to create a team best suited to market high-end real estate. He will oversee the Dream Town marketing staff to create a high-end brochure, and provide creative input to a professional copywriter who can tell the story of your home to potential buyers.

12. E-blast to real estate community: One of the important communication vehicles for today’s marketing to realtors is the e-blast. Sheldon uses email marketing to invite brokers to open houses, introduce them to the property, send reminders, communicate any special offers for selling the home and share any buyer/broker comments from showings that help highlight why they should come see the property.

13. First page Google position: Targeted AdWords campaigns allows Sheldon to dominate Google search positioning for common search terms that relate to your property (e.g. property address, community name, property type, etc). An aggressive and well-researched campaign will have highly targeted traffic driven to the custom website for your home.

14. Google remarketing campaign: Remarketing is an effective way to re-connect with your website visitors and keep your property top of mind. These ads use browser cookies to position ads in front of visitors who previously browsed your home, as they browse elsewhere on line. So whether they are reading the news, shopping online or browsing their favorite social media sites, your property will appear in ads beside their favorite content.

15. Article written dedicated to your property: Keep in mind that in today’s competitive real estate market, it is critical to constantly remind potential buyers about the nuances of your property and to maximize the number of showings. Your property will be featured on Sheldon’s website and blog, maximizing readership from the hundreds of regular readers and site visitors.

Our Online Syndication System This is the official website of the National Association of Realtors, and one of the most commonly used websites by homebuyers.

YouTube: Being owned by Google means that listings on YouTube are going to get great exposure for target searches. We make sure each listing we showcase has prime placement for your audience to locate.

HomeFinder: With nearly 3 million monthly users, is an online real estate listing search site that is committed to making online home shopping a fun, practical, and hassle-free experience.

Truepad: Chicago based website that is designed to save users time searching through listings because homes identified as Truepads have been proven to sell more than 3x faster than the average home.

Wall Street Journal: The real estate section of the Wall St. Journal is one of the top resources for luxury properties all over the world and can garner international exposure for your property.

Google: Sheldon’s marketing plan includes targeting relevant keywords to drive potential homebuyers to your listing.

Trulia: One of the top three real estate sites on the web, a listing on Trulia ensures your property is easily discovered by the online community.

Zillow: Zillow's living database showcases more than 110 million U.S. homes - making it one of the most popular applications for searching homes for sale, rent and even those not currently on the market.

Hotpads: HotPads is a leading map-based apartment and home rental search brand, and a top destination for renters in urban areas across the United States.

Homesnap: is the top-rated real estate app in the App Store. Millions of people are using the app that was built for agents and is loved by homebuyers.

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