Must-Read Chicago Real Estate Blogs From a Volatile Year

There’s no arguing that 2009 was certainly an interesting year for Chicago real estate, full of unique situations and important nuances that we’ve seen before—and some that we haven’t. I’ve created this roundup of must-read posts for anyone considering purchasing Chicago real estate: whether you’re looking at new construction, Chicago condos, Chicago luxury construction, or all of Chicago’s homes for sale. Having 20 years under my belt selling Chicago homes, new construction, condos, lofts and town homes anywhere from $250,000 to $5 million, there are certainly a few topics in real estate that I know will help any potential buyer in the Chicago real estate market.
Buying a Chicago Condo? What You Should Know: This post provides a checklist for those looking at a Chicago condo purchase, along with important questions you should ask and things to consider, including those looking at new construction condos.
NYC, SF, OC Among the 10 Costliest Cities to Live: Living in the U.S.’s big cities will cost you—but Chicago is a city packed with the luxury, shopping, dining and culture city-dwellers are seeking, but with real estate priced well below the cost in major cities.
Life in the Second City—First-Class Accommodations for Half the Price: A Chicago condo in a prestigious building costs anywhere from $325 to $1,200 a square foot. That’s about a third less than the cost of property in New York City or San Francisco.
Purchasing Chicago Real Estate: Due Diligence is Essential: This post lists crucial questions any Chicago condo buyer should ask when real estate shopping in an unstable economic climate.
Top Five Reasons to Live in Chicago’s Streeterville: Culinary gems, Michigan Avenue shopping and spending summer near the lakefront are just a few reasons Chicago’s Streeterville is a coveted neighborhood to live in.
Top Five Reasons to Live in Chicago’s Gold Coast: Elegant and chic, the Gold Coast boasts fine architecture, upscale dining and parks and beaches just a few steps away from your front door.
Lincoln Park Condos—Could One Be Right for You?: Lincoln Park offers ideal opportunities for young professionals, recent graduates, growing families, and anyone looking to settle in a Chicago neighborhood with a distinctive urban charm.
Ritz-Carlton Residences, Chicago, Slated to be One of Most Desirable: Chicago’s highly-anticipated Ritz-Carlton brings the gold standard in luxury living for real estate buyers seeking a mix of lavish privacy and a vibrant lifestyle.
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