New Article: Parents and Real Estate Considerations

Spring is the time of year when the real estate market always picks up and stays pretty steady until mid- to late fall. It’s not just the nicer weather, but many buyers find it easier to move or relocate during the summer when their children out of school.

That’s just one of many things parents might be thinking about when they’re considering a move. This month, I wrote an article on my website geared specifically toward parents with children who are shopping for a home. As parents, your days are likely quite busy with day-to-day decisions involving your little ones, from shopping for the right car seat to thinking about the schools they’ll go to.
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When you’re thinking about purchasing a home, there are a number of variables you might not think of that could have an effect on your family. There are the things you’re likely already thinking of, like location and square footage, but also less common considerations that come with the nuances of different property types and buildings.

Right now is a great time to think about purchasing a home, as interest rates remain low and likely won’t be in the future. So if you’ve been on the fence, take a look at 12 Real Estate Considerations for New Parents to get started, and when you’re ready for more details, contact me at (312) 498-5080 or at