New Construction Trend: Goodbye to the Open Kitchen

These are often buzz words in the real estate market, among buyers and sellers alike: open floor plan. Specifically, an open kitchen and living space that create a hub within a home for entertaining and gathering.
But the sought-after “open kitchen” could well be on its way out the door. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlighted this as a luxury home trend among new construction. The closed concept kitchen is being seen in newer homes in New York, and I’m convinced the Chicago real estate market will soon adopt this trend as well.
The Future of Chicago New Construction
Although the open kitchen layout became popular because it allowed hosts and guests to mingle in the same space, there are a growing number of people who hire private cooks and caterers to prepare their meals. This turns the open-floor plan on its head, as many hosts don’t want the clutter that comes about or after-dinner dishes on display. The closed kitchen helps create a dinner party that is reminiscent of five-star dining. With everything coming from behind closed doors, all guests see is perfection.
The act of hiring a private chef to create a meal for you and your guests doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. With the influx of “foodies” putting a real emphasis on culinary perfection, many people are using meals to make a major impression (on say, their CEO boss) or mark a special occasion (like anniversaries). This move to having an expert do the work is certainly a reason I could see luxury buyers looking for a more private kitchen space in Chicago homes.
In addition to hosting, creating a more focused mealtime is another reason many are looking for real estate with a closed kitchen. Families can dine together in a room meant only for enjoying a meal, cutting off distractions from neighboring spaces.
But if putting up walls is off-putting, there are other options for creating a private kitchen in a Chicago home that allow for more flexibility. Architects have designed everything from glass panels, curtains, pocket doors and half-walls that help section off the kitchen without closing it off entirely from the rest of the home.
Design Considerations in Chicago Real Estate
Even if you’re not buying or selling right now, it’s important for homeowners to keep design trends like this in mind. What’s popular in today’s homes can affect your resale value down the road, depending on how in line your Chicago home or condo is with the wants and needs of today’s buyer.
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