New Downtown Boutique Building Slated to be No. 1 In Luxury Real Estate in Chicago

The Ritz-Carlton Residences, downtown Chicago

A rendering of the Ritz-Carlton Residences on Michigan Avenue. From

Even with the citywide slowdown in new construction of condos, one building is still creating a lot of buzz and anticipation among real estate in Chicago: The Ritz-Carlton Residences on Michigan Avenue.
Scheduled to begin delivery in mid-2011, the Ritz-Carlton Residences will be the premiere building for a niche group of buyers looking for superior hotel service without sharing amenities with the public or hotel guests. These residences offer ultimate privacy in a very boutique building with amazing services provided by the Ritz-Carton. Because the building will be operated and managed by Ritz-Carlton trained staff, it will require the best service imaginable, at the level of their 5-star hotels.
The developer of this prestigious building has been sure to differentiate the Ritz-Carlton Residences from any other Chicago condo building, ensuring that all 89 units will bring the cachet of the top luxury buildings in New York, San Francisco, London, Toronto and Tokyo.
The unique services offered will set the Ritz-Carlton Residences far and above any other building in the city. Here are a few of the most important reasons why these Chicago condos will be in a class all its own:
Staff services. The staff will be trained to handle the most demanding and unique needs of corporate executives from around the world. A Ritz-Carton trained staff means there is an understanding of privacy—if you are a well-known personality, chairman or financial manager, such discretion is often required. The services offered will also go down to the finest detail, making the building feel like an exclusive hotel.
Business services. The Ritz-Carlton Residences’ private club, The Landmark Club, will include a Grand Salon & Board room with 18-foot-high ceilings that can be reserved for private meetings. These business service areas will include a bar and coffee services with upscale offerings. A screening/media room will allow residents to have business presentations with clients and access the most up-to-date communications equipment, so meetings can instantly span around the globe if needed.
Décor. The décor will have the sophistication of the most understated, elegant spaces that are usually found in luxury buildings in major cities around the world. Each unit can be customized with the finishes and appointments that fit an individual’s taste, whether it be traditional or modern.
Details. Wine connoisseurs will feel at home in the Ritz-Carlton, as each home will have their own personal wine cabinet with a 36-bottle capacity. Owners will have a private key, so only he or she can access their private collection.
Spa Amenities. Spa services will be available from morning until early evening, and can be arranged with ease through the concierge.
Fine Dining. A staff chef will provide seasonal lunch and dinner menus and offer private dining in your unit or in the luxurious dining room from late morning to early evening.
Sophisticated technology. The entire Ritz-Carlton building will include Smart Home Technology, including Internet protocol phones that provide multi-functionality. For instance, residents will have access to the Wall Street Journal, concierge and valet services through these phones located in their kitchens.
Ritz-Carlton Residences

Click to enlarge: A floor plan of a 2-bedroom unit in the Ritz-Carton Residences. From

This first-class building now has two penthouses available for sale. One is on the 40th floor with all 4 exposures and 12-foot ceilings. This 5,980-square foot unit can be customized to the needs of an individual buyer and is listed for $12 million. A 39th floor penthouse is also available for $13 million and an astounding 6,506 square feet. Both of these units have elevators that open directly into the unit for maximum security and privacy.
Agent Sheldon Salnick can provide you with floor plans and take you to the sales center to see the options available for these luxurious units. To set up a personalized, confidential meeting, call (312) 498-5080 or email