One Chicago Realtor Stands Out Above the Rest with Website, Blog and Personal Expertise

While working with a realtor is a come-and-go connection, it’s still crucial to have a good rapport and cohesive relationship—that person will hopefully be by your side in making some big decisions.

When you visit, you’ll find something different about most Chicago real estate websites. Rather than finding a company website developed on real estate generalities, was developed by me, an individual realtor, who you’ll communicate and work with directly. Many Chicago real estate agencies will take you through a string of people before you’re assigned an individual to work with—and even then, you have no idea who they are.
But my website introduces you to a proven professional, with years of experience and knowledge that was used to create the breadth of information you’ll find. You can sort through that information beforehand and know that you’ll be working with the individual who developed it based on day-to-day involvement in the Chicago real estate field, and who can personally assist you with the nuances and details that come with a real estate sale or purchase. The content about Chicago and the real estate market on my website is why it continues to rank on page 1 of many Google searches.
Based on my 22 years of experience in Chicago real estate, creating that content comes naturally, but I’ve come to find it’s a rather unique approach. My experience in real estate combined with working for Fortune 500 companies means I know how to market, and all of my information is gathered from streetwise experience—that which can really only be obtained by years in the industry. It’s that reason that I’ve been able to work with high-level clients, such as two chairmen of European companies, helping one purchase a $5 million home on Orchard St. and another a $1.3 million Chicago condo. I was able to connect with both of them via my website.
With more than two decades working with luxury Chicago real estate, I do understand the needs of the most discriminating tastes. No detail is too small, and I believe things like looking carefully at different floor plans and explaining the nuances from one building to another is an important part of the process. There are minute distinctions between one building and another, or why one apartment layout is superior to another, and it’s to your advantage to learn those details up front. In a real estate market such as this one, I’m here to present buyers with the facts so they aren’t working with just their emotions.
So when you visit, you can be assured that I’ll work with you personally, rather than a random agent from behind a company name. All of the information on my site is from knowledge I’ve acquired over a long time working with and representing the highest quality developers in Chicago. And because the market is volatile, that information does change to keep you up to date.
Please feel free to call or email me with any real estate information you’re seeking, no matter how insignificant it may seem. I’d be happy to elaborate on the information I’ve got online and find answers to any other questions, and even provide references from previous and current clients. You can also sign up for up-to-the-minute listings on Chicago homes for sale to stay in the loop of what’s on the market. Give me a call at (312) 498-5080 or email at