Out of Town? Hire a Caretaker For Your Chicago Home

Does your global schedule keep you from spending time in the Windy City? Don’t let trips abroad prevent you from owning a Chicago home or Chicago condo. Get a property caretaker to look after your home when you’re away, and you’ll never have to give up your Second City digs.
Many industries have been affected by the economic crisis, but the property caretaking industry is doing just fine. According to the New York Times, right now “housesitting” is booming. In fact, subscriptions to The Caretaker Gazette, a Web site that matches home owners with caretakers, has nearly 11,000 paid subscribers, which is up more than 10 percent from the last two years.
This idea is perfect for anyone who loves Chicago, but can’t be here all the time. Or, for anyone who only loves Chicago in the summers. Either way, caretaking is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Home owners can rest assured their abode is being properly maintained while they’re away, and housesitters get the excitement of living in an new and fascinating place in one of the world’s best cities. Most caretakers are willing to travel and have a knowledge of household maintenance.
Home owners have been known to pay their caretaker a mid-five-figure salary, but living in a beautiful luxury Chicago home (rent free) is also a major perk. When looking for a property caretaker, be sure they come with references. As the New York Times article pointed out, you don’t want a “party animal” living in your house.
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