Purchasing Chicago Real Estate Buys A Lifestyle As Well

While Chicago real estate offers all of the glitz and glamour of any big city, a major perk is that luxury living doesn’t come with the same luxury price per square foot as homes on the East and West coasts. Plus, Chicago has no shortage of the splendor that comes with private clubs, cultural wealth and an opulent lifestyle.
If you’re considering relocating to Chicago or purchasing a second home in the second city, it’s promising to know that a home purchase here is considerably less than New York, Boston or even California. Chicago offers real estate for nearly every budget — at the low end, the cost per square foot for Chicago real estate could be about $325 per square foot; at the high end, a square foot might cost you about $1,200. Like all real estate, the location and age of the building and the type of home (condominium or co-op) also plays a role in the cost of a Chicago home.
The high end of Chicago real estate might cost $1,200 per square foot, but that will typically buy you into a concierge-serviced luxury building in a fabulous location. That same lifestyle would most likely cost $3,000 to $3,500 in New York or San Francisco. But in Chicago, a home even in the famed Trump Tower offers spectacular views and seemingly unlimited services — and can cost even less than $1,000 per square foot.
Looking for more than just great value in Chicago real estate? Once you’ve settled in to a Chicago home or Chicago condo, you can take advantage of the city’s private clubs. This year, the Club Leaders Forum ranked the Union League Club of Chicago as the No. 1 private city club in the United States. What earned such high remarks was Chicago’s first-class dining, magnificent guest accommodations, a vibrant athletic facility, art collections, staff and involvement with non-profit foundations. The club also ranked on top among all categories of private clubs in Illinois.
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