Relocate To Chicago: Fast Company Magazine's City of the Year

2008 was a hugely significant year for Chicago – from President-elect Obama’s election to the completion of the Trump building, as well as the near completion of other significant Chicago real estate projects like the Parkhomes and the Aqua building in the Lakeshore East community.  In fact, Fast Company has named it the city of the year because of its past, present, and future.  Here’s a choice quote:

“Chicago has given America social investing and the stories of Stuart Dybek and Aleksander Hemon. It has been greening itself since long before it became trendy, and it has been dancing, too — this is the home of house music, Wilco, and Lupe Fiasco. Here, in the birthplace of the American skyscraper, Santiago Calatrava is redefining the form with his Spire, while at the Art Institute, Renzo Piano is building a $300 million addition. The economy is growing faster than New York’s or L.A.’s. And one of Chicago’s own, who arrived in the 1980s and, in the tradition of the great rabble-rouser Saul Alinsky, took a job community organizing, has made a shockingly viable run for president, despite everyone telling him he was too inexperienced. Early in his campaign, Barack Obama told supporters, ‘I try to explain to people, I may be skinny but I’m tough. I’m from Chicago.'”

Chicago has long been known for its toughness – it has been nicknamed the “city of big shoulders” after all, and people still associate Al Capone and other Prohibition-era gangsters with the Second City.  However, it is also known for its stunning and iconic architecture as well as the fact that Chicagoans started going green before being eco-friendly was a trend –  it is home to a wide variety of eco-friendly and LEED-certified buildings, so if you are relocating to Chicago, there are plenty of sustainably built real estate and Chicago condo options for you to choose from.