Restaurant, Cultural Scene and Affordable Luxury Real Estate Make Chicago a World-Class Destination

While Chicago certainly ranks among the world’s most famous urban areas, it’s also one of the best. There’s no shortage of the bells and whistles you find in major cities around the globe—five-star dining, world-class shopping, an exhaustive cultural scene and award-winning entertainment.
The wide range of offerings has easily made Chicago a great place to relocate to for those moving internationally or for those who want a second home but all of the amenities and services of a sophisticated city.
So what makes Chicago such a dynamic place? Let me count the ways:
Dining: Chicago has really put itself on the culinary map with its restaurants. Alinea in Lincoln Park has received worldwide praise for its gastronomic know-how (I’ve dined here and it is an absolute treat). You’ll also find luxury experiences at Lincoln Square’s Elizabeth, the West Side’s Next and downtown’s Spiaggia)
Shopping: High fashion and swank style are easy to find. Along Oak and Rush streets in the Gold Coast are Hermes, Prada and Barney’s New York. And of course, there’s the famous Magnificent Mile along Michigan Avenue.
Culture: Chicago has no shortage of museums, live theater and music venues to take advantage of on a night out—the Art Institute, the Chicago Theater, the Chicago Symphony, and many others. Our various sports teams and comedy at Second City are also accessible and a great option for taking in the city’s best.
Big business: Of course, it’s not all play and no work. Many Fortune 500 companies reside in downtown Chicago, as do some of the best business schools and hospitals. It’s no mystery why many executives, CEOs and chairmen find Chicago a great place to call home.

Real Estate in Chicago Another Big Attraction

When it comes to real estate, Chicago stands out for a different reason—this is an incredibly affordable city for luxury real estate. Especially compared to areas like New York and San Francisco, where it will cost upwards of $15 million to live in a luxury home or condo. In Chicago, you can plan to live in the most high-end, ultimate luxury building in the city with a full-floor apartment for as little as $5 million.
Chicago even has a number of opportunities to build your dream home from scratch. I’ve worked with many clients to build new construction properties and I can help you build an extraordinary home with more than 6,000 square feet for approximately $10 million. We’re talking the best-of-the-best in luxury, and such a home would cost $40 million in Manhattan or SF.
But whether you’re interested in an existing home or building your own, the best part of luxury living in Chicago is the easy access to take advantage of all of those bells and whistles the city has. The aforementioned Alinea, for example, is just a block away from Lincoln Park’s “McMansions,” some of the most expensive, luxurious homes in the whole city. The Art Institute, on the edge of Millennium Park, is a quick walk from some of Chicago’s most desired luxury condo buildings. Just about any neighborhood will put you within an easy walk of something fantastic that you’ll only find in Chicago.
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