Returning To The City: Chicago Real Estate Trends

While there are many reasons to live in one of Chicago’s beautiful suburbs, such as the fantastic schools, beautiful homes, and wide open spaces, there is really nothing like living in the heart of the city.  After all, with Chicago’s amazing energy combined with world class architecture and an infinite variety of things to do make it an amazing place to call home.  That’s why the rise in couples moving back to the city after raising their children in the suburbs makes perfect sense to me – why live in a big, empty suburban house when you could move to a brand new Chicago condo and possibly reduce your living expenses?
In addition to the excitement of living in such a cosmopolitan city, moving to a downtown condo offers several less obvious advantages.  For instance, the convenience of being able to walk or grab a quick cab to most destinations may make owning a car unnecessary.  Your utility costs will likely be reduced as well, since it is much less expensive to heat a smaller home.
Of course, the current real estate climate makes it a great time to be a buyer, especially if you’re looking for Chicago real estate.  There is a wide selection of new construction on the market as well as many elegant vintage propeties; these condos often include upscale amenities such as high end appliances and finishes as well as building amenties like wine cellars, concierge srevices, spas, business centers and even a private club. Clearly, the decision to move back to the city isn’t just a real estate upgrade, it is a lifestyle upgrade as well.