Sell Your Chicago Home Faster With Staging

It’s a rare occasion when I recommend a specific person’s services, however, a recent experience has prompted me to do just that. I was always told that if you stage a home, it will sell faster. But throughout my 20 years as a luxury Chicago real estate agent, I never saw the value in it—until now.
This year I was invited to list a penthouse condominium at 3711 N. Bosworth St. On its own this Chicago condo is amazing: hardwood floors, crown moldings, three outdoor spaces, and a private garage. The list goes on. Yet given the state of the Chicago real estate market, I decided the listing needed to be approached with some added value. It needed some flare. Enter decorator Joseph Rice (

3711 N. Bosworth St.

3711 N. Bosworth St.

I brought Mr. Rice in to provide suggestions for staging the unit. In the past, Mr. Rice has worked with several of my clients on color selection, finishes, furniture, draperies and accessories for their new homes. And based on his past successes, I hired him to rearrange my seller’s furniture and accessories.
3711 N. Bosworth St. staircase

3711 N. Bosworth St. staircase (post-decorating)

3711 N. Bosworth St. living room

3711 N. Bosworth St. living room (post-decorating)

As an experienced third eye, he maximized the home’s space and highlighted its best features with some simple rearranging. No purchases required. Mr. Rice used only my client’s existing furniture and accessories. In just three hours, he and my clients transformed the three bedroom unit into a glorious real estate seller.
3711 N. Bosworth St. dining room

3711 N. Bosworth St. dining room (post-decorating)

In addition to his stellar decorating skills, Mr. Rice worked wonderfully with my clients. Selling one’s home can be an emotional experience, but Mr. Rice‘s demeanor immediately put my clients at ease. I called my clients that evening and they were amazed with the results. The condo not only looked bigger, but the new arrangement brightened up the space, making it look newer.
At $50 an hour, Mr. Rice‘s services were worth way more than my investment. Proof? The condominium sold within one week!
3711 N. Bosworth St. kitchen (pre-decorating)

3711 N. Bosworth St. kitchen (post-decorating)

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