Selling Your Chicago Real Estate: Stage It Successfully

As a Chicago real estate agent, I have been involved in many property sales, so naturally I have seen many homes “staged” and presented for potential buyers. It is probably obvious that a clean, uncluttered home is easier to sell than something messy or even dirty – you want possible buyers to see a home in the best possible light, of course.
That said, there are plenty of ways beyond simply keeping your place that will appeal to potential buyers. You want to make sure your place seems like a comfortable home, but also like a place they could put their own signature stamp on; for instance, prospective owners should be able to feel like your place could be their home. Therefore, it is best to give your space a neutral feeling – if you have walls or carpets that are unusual or bold colors, it is probably best to change them before you attempt to sell your property. In addition, “statement” pieces of furniture or artwork can distract buyers from the “bones” of the place and the potential it holds for them.
Moreover, the way you stage your home should show off its structural features, especially any unique elements like bay windows, unusual layouts, decorative moldings, or any other reasons that make your Chicago condo stand out from the masses. It is important to remember that most buyers are looking at lots of different homes during their property search, so yours needs to be memorable – in a positive way – if you want to sell your home successfully.
Last but certainly not least, if you are selling your Chicago home, you should talk to your real estate agent about the best possible way to stage your property – an experienced agent will know the best possible way to present it to prospective buyers.
Check back tomorrow for the top ten staging tips from a Chicago real estate agent.