State-of-the-Art Ovens Make for a Showstopping Kitchen in your Chicago Luxury Home

In real estate, the term luxury can be a bit relative. For one person, a certain feature or amenity could be run of the mill, while for another it could be something very impressive, depending on your background or where you’re from. But some things—think about a Bentley or a Rolls Royce-—are showstoppers no matter what, and will make most people stop and say, “Wow!”

That level of luxury has made its way into Chicago real estate, particularly in the kitchen. Between the foodie movement and kitchens becoming the “hub” of the home, this room is getting more attention than ever. To meet that demand, the “Rolls Royces of kitchen appliances” are here, matching today’s technology-embedded lifestyles with kitchen ovens that go far beyond simply “high end.” These products really up the wow factor in a kitchen, which is a space that homebuyers are evaluating carefully when considering a home purchase.

Even having sold a $5 million home, I have to look twice at these kitchen ovens and am amazed at the product features that come with it. The design is stunning–both aesthetically and functionally–and is sure to wow future buyers when you get ready to resell your home.

The Wall Street Journal recently covered 6 hot (pun intended) ovens that are hitting the market and upping the level of luxury in the kitchen. From griddles to precise food temperature, to apps, these stoves have it all. Here are a few favorites among these superstar kitchen appliances:

Viking Professional 7 Series Range: This luxury range features a wireless temperature-monitoring system, a temperature probe and a device that plugs into the range to show the food temperature as it is cooking. The temperature can also be monitored through a smartphone app from up to 200 feet away. Price: $14,699

Molteni Ranges: Talk about a Rolls Royce of the kitchen. This made-to-order French range can be made in any size, shape or configuration and can include a range of options: a pasta cooker, fryer, shelves, sinks, electrical sockets and heated or refrigerated cabinets. Residential customers have even spent as much as $140,000 to add one of these to their homes. Price: Starting at $50,000

Five-Oven AGA Total Control: This range does double duty for cooking and for warming the kitchen. A smartphone app lets users send remote commands to the appliance, which features separate ovens for roasting, baking, simmering, slow-cooking and warming. Price: $20,299

60-Inch Dual Fuel Range by Wolf: Wolf has long been a favorite among homebuyers and builders in luxury Chicago real estate (often recognized for their signature red knobs). The 60-inch Dual Fuel Range is a dual convection oven that includes two 30-inch electric ovens and 10 cooking modes, ranging from pizza stones to a dehydrator. Price: $16,865

Grand Palais 180 by La Cornue: Another French company, La Cournue is known for the vaulted shape of its oven, along with its sleek design and seemingly endless customization options. Buyers can choose from 30 colors and 12 different trims. Price: Starts at $46,000

Thermador: The Thermador Pro Grand Steam oven combines multiple cooking elements into one: stovetop burners, a griddle, a grill, a conventional oven, a warming drawer and a steam oven all live within the one appliance. Later this year, the company is expected to introduce an indoor grill with lava rocks that infuse meat with more flavor.

Focus on Kitchens in Chicago Real Estate
Whether its a fancy oven to meet every cooking need or a built-in coffee shop in your own kitchen, kitchens are certainly having their proverbial day in the sun when it comes to home design. With the attention being paid to this space by buyers and sellers alike, it’s important to keep on on kitchen trends to have a handle on what defines “luxury” in the Chicago real estate market. A stand-out kitchen could easily be what differentiates one home on the market from the next.

It’s obvious that building a “wow” kitchen doesn’t come cheap. But all things considered, putting in new features, upgrading appliances or adding that something extra are sure ways to ensure you obtain premium dollar when you’re ready to sell.