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Dog-Friendly Condo Buildings in The Loop

LocationPet LimitWeight LimitFees
711 S DearbornNo limitNo limit$150 security deposit
130 N Garland2 dogs/unit35 lbs./dog-
1160 S Michigan2 dogs/unitNo limit-
625 W Jackson2 dogs/unitNo limit-
60 E Monroe2 dogs/unitNo limit-
65 E Monroe2 dogs/unitNo limit-
6 N MichiganNo limitNo limit-
310 S Michigan2 dogs/unitNo limit-
8 E Randolph2 dogs/unitNo limit$25/dog annually
520 S State2 dogs/unitNo limit-
212 W Washington2 dogs/unit50 lbs. combined$100/dog annually
737 W Washington2 dogs/unitNo limit$35/dog

Dog-Friendly Buildings in Chicago's New East Side

LocationPet LimitWeight LimitFees
225 N Columbus2 dogs/unitNo limit-
195 N Harbor2 dogs/unitNo limit-
240 E Randolph2 dogs/unit150 lbs. combined-
400 E Randolph2 dogs/unit45 lbs. combined-
201 W Shore2 dogs/unitNo limit-
420 E Waterside2 dogs/unitNo limit-
450 E Waterside2 dogs/unitNo limit-

Dog-Friendly Buildings in Chicago's Near North Neighborhood

LocationPet LimitWeight LimitFees
165 N Canal2 dogs/unitNo limit$100/dog annually
333 N Canal2 dogs/unit90 lbs. combined-
839 N Dearborn1 dog/unit50 lbs.-
635 N Dearborn2 dogs/unit25 lbs. each-
435 W Erie2 dogs/unitNo limit$100/2nd dog
375 W Erie2 dogs/unitNo limit$100/each
360 W Illinois1 dog/unitNo limit$150 at move-in (refundable)
600 N Kingsbury2 dogs/unit40 lbs. each-
645 N KingsburyNo limitNo limit-
33 W Ontario1 dog/unit35 lbs.$100/annually
400 W Ontario2 dogs/unitNo limit$75/dog annually
630 N State2 dogs/unit25 lbs. each-
500 W Superior2 dogs/unitNo limit$200/dog

Cathedral District Dog-Friendly Buildings in Chicago

LocationPet LimitWeight LimitFees
111 E Chestnut1 dog/unit30 lbs.$100 fee
10 E Delaware2 dogs/unitNo limit-
132 E Delaware2 dogs/unitNo limit-
55 E Erie2 dogs/unitNo limit-
21 E Huron2 dogs/unitNo limit-
30 E Huron2 dogs/unitNo limit-
100 E Huron2 dogs/unitNo limit-
161 E Chicago2 dogs/unit30 lbs. combined-
800 E Michigan2 dogs/unitNo limit-
950 Michigan1 dog/unit30 lbs./vet-verified-
25 E Superior2 dogs/unitNo limit-
77 E WaltonNo limitNo limit-

Chicago's East Lake Shore Drive Dog-Friendly Buildings

LocationPet LimitWeight LimitFees
179 East Lake ShoreCase-by-case basisBoard approval needed-
199 East Lake Shore1 dog/unitNo limit-
209 East Lake Shore1 medium/2 smallMgmt. approval needed-
219 East Lake Shore1 dog/unitNo limit-
229 East Lake Shore1 dog/unitNo limit-

Dog-Friendly Gold Coast Condos

LocationPet LimitWeight LimitFees
1300 Astor2 dogs/unit25 lbs.-
1301 Astor2 dogs/unit1 > 25 lbs., 1 < 25 lbs.-
1335 Astor2 dogs/unit40 lbs. each-
1355 Astor2 dogs/unit40 lbs. each-
1430 Astor2 dogs/unitNo limit-
1500 AstorNo limit25 lbs. each-
1555 Astor2 dogs/unit40 lbs. each-
50 E Bellevue1 dog/unit45 lbs.-
20 E Cedar2 dogs/unitNo limit2nd dog/board approval
21 W Chestbut2 dogs/unit25 lbs. each-
1035 N Dearborn2 dogs/unitNo limit-
1122 N Dearborn2 dogs/unit1 50 lbs. or 2 25 lbs.-
1155 N Dearborn2 dogs/unit60 lbs. combined$25/dog annually
1301 N Dearborn2 dogs/unit35 lbs. each-
40 E Delaware2 dogs/unit30 lbs. each-
57 E Delaware2 dogs/unit25 lbs. each$50/dog annually
71 E Division2 dogs/unit60 lbs. each-
1000 N Lake Shore1 dog/unit20 lbs.$25 annually
1000 N Lake Shore Plaza1 dog/unit25 lbs.-
1150 N Lake Shore2 dogs/unit60 lbs. combined vet-verified$50/dog annually
1200 N Lake Shore2 dogs/unitNo limit-
1212 N Lake Shore2 dogs/unitNo limit-
1242 N Lake Shore1 dog or cat/unitNo limit-
1300 N Lake Shore2 dogs/unit80 lbs. combined-
1430 N Lake shore2 dogs/unitNo limit-
1440 N Lake Shore2 dogs/unit50 lbs. each-
1500 N Lake ShoreNo limitNo limit-
1550 n Lake Shore2 or 3/unit50 lbs. each-
1310 N Richie Ct2 dogs/unit25 lbs. each-
1000 N State Town HNo limitNo limit-
1 E SchillerNo limitNo limit-
1209 N State2 dogs/unitNo limit-
1400 N State1 dog/unit30 lbs.-
1410 N State2 dogs/unitNo limit-
1440 N State2 dogs/unit50 lbs. each-
1445 N State2 dogs/unitNo limit-
1516 N StateNo limitNo limit-

Dog-Friendly Streeterville Condos

LocationPet LimitWeight LimitFees
222 E Chestnut1 dog/unitNo limit-
260 E Chestnut1 dog/unit25 lbs.-
161 E Chicago2 dogs/unit30 lbs. combined-
200 E DelawareNo limitNo limit-
230 E Delaware2 dogs/unitNo limit-
505 N Lake Shore1 dog/unit30 lbs.-
530 N Lake ShoreNo limit35 lbs. each-
680 N Lake Shore2 dogs/unit25 lbs. each-
800 N Michigan2 dogs/unitNo limit-
440 N McClurg2 dogs/unit25 lbs. each-
480 N McClurg2 dogs/unit25 lbs. each-
211 E Ohio2 dogs/unitNo limit$50/dog annually
400 E Ohio2 dogs/unitNo limit-
420 E Ohio2 dogs/unit40 lbs. each$500 one-time
401 E OntarioNo limitno limit$50/dog annually
180 E Pearson2 dogs/unitNo limit-
250 E Pearson2 dogs/unitNo limit-
415 E North Water2 dogs/unitNo limit-

Lincoln Park Dog-Friendly Chicago Condos

LocationPet LimitWeight LimitFees
2500 N Lakeview2 dogs/unit35 lbs. each-
2626 N Lakeview1 dog/unit30 lbs.-
2100 N Lincoln Pk West1 dog/unit35 lbs.-
2130 N Lincoln Pk West2 dogs/unitNo limit-
345 W Fullerton1 dog/unit25 lbs.-
616 W Fullerton2 dogs/unitNo limit$100/dog annually

Dog-Friendly Condos in Lakeview

LocationPet LimitWeight LimitFees
3200 N Lake Shore2 dogs/unitMust be carried by owner-
3300 N Lake Shore2 dogs/unitNo limit-
3660 N Lake Shore2 dogs/unit100 lbs.-
3740 N Lake Shore2 dogs/unitNo limit-